Revealing new brand identity and pile up of new products, CT Gaming reports overwhelming interest

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Revealing its new brand identity after rebranding from Casino Technology to CT Gaming, the company made a strong statement on its plans for future developments during ICE 2020 with pile up of new product offerings, evoking huge interest from customers and visitors.  

CT Gaming

CT Gaming demonstrated once again its commitment to creating diverse, market-attuned gaming innovations by showcasing new multigames, enhanced cabinets from the EZ MODULO line, system solution, rich HTML5 online games library. The products represent the company`s determination to driving the player`s experience forward through meaningful innovation that caters to customers’ market-specific opportunities. 

CT Gaming featured several key highlights from across company`s product lineup, including the legendary Mega Jack 2020. The first multigame that left mark in the industry is returning fully adapted to the new generation of players 

“Mega Jack 2020 consists of mix of games that are in line with the latest trends and simultaneously delivers the most successful and proven over the past 20 years game concepts of the company”, commented Rossi McKee Vice President at CT Gaming adding that the new product is keeping the spirit of the legendary multigame

CT Gaming

The realistic graphics with extraordinary quality, the high quality sound, great effects and improved interface is memorable and makes the playing exceptional. Presented in the EZ MODULO line of slot machines, Mega Jack 2020 evoked an overwhelming interest by customers that led to new commitments for deals and purchases made.  

The latest release from the SPEED KING series of mulitgames was too excellently appreciated and soon will be installed in multitude of gaming floors. The carefully selected 40 titles meet the expectation for exciting play both for operators and clients which explains the interest 

For even better experience the game pack is offered in four different skins with appealing graphics that are well recognizable. Each skin includes well thought and selected after a profound research themed games that are in compliance with the main theme such as Asian Legends, Hot and Fun, Fruits and Diamonds, Myths and Adventures. The innovative concept fascinates and brings the gaming experience to another dimension.  

CT Gaming team

“We had an increased interest to the company`s presentation comparing to the previous year, based on our new releases. Customers were enthusiastic about the product range offered and in particular the newly released multigames, the cabinets from the EZ MODULO line and the system solution”, explained Nikola Nenkov Regional Sales Manager at CT Gaming. “Our EZ Modulo series of slot machines enable operators with flexible and diverse decisions for their floors, for excellent performance and results and that was greatly appreciated. Now, powered by AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000 SoCsEZ for enhanced performance, the EZ MODULO line is a reflection of our dedication to offer the most comprehensive products that meet customers` expectation, Mr Nenkov explained. 

The EZ Modulo Tower stands out with unique 43-inch J-curved monitor and full touchscreen capabilities, crystal clear sound and edge lighting as well as a 27” topper. It is offered with TOWER 102 Fruits, Tower 104, Tower 105 multi games, consisting of 40 games. The innovative and eye catching EZ Modulo Titan grabs the player’s attention with 32” HD main monitor and an impressive 43” UHD J-curved monitor for displaying the jackpot accumulations and a built second screen showing the game pay table 

“We presented the latest developments of our advanced Casino Management System RHINO too including the Live Game module. Allowing easy switching between the slots and the live game only with a loyalty card or ticket, RHINO enables the casino’s to offer all verticals of gaming with an ease that makes the stay in the gaming floor pleasant and desirable”, Mr. Nenkov said. 

“Our extensive product roadmap and our focus on proven performance is spanning the online segments too”, explained Lachezar Petrov, Head of CT Gaming Interactive.We brought a diversity of new HTML5 games, new online jackpot concept and a new, sophisticated online gaming platform that are market-attuned, player-driven solutions presenting our commitment to operators` and player` needs, Mr. Petrov commented.   

CT Gaming`s portfolio of products is designed to forge new opportunities for operators, represent our commitment to the continued growth of our customers across different markets, verticals, and gaming channels”, Mrs. Rossi McKee Vice President at CT Gaming concluded. 

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