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In the ever so diverse world of gambling, there is a field very different from the rest of the games, with special rules and principles and a completely different pull on the public. That is poker, the only game which isn’t played against the house, the game which allows organizing exciting competitions, with professional poker players and fans, with trophies and a fascinating history. And we have took it upon ourselves to allocate a special column in which we shall periodically discuss the most important current events in Romanian poker.


We inaugurate this series of informative articles with a scan of the most important events in which you might consider participating in the following period.


Beyond the permanent schedule of the poker clubs in the country’s important cities, the attention of this game’s fans is drawn to the Romanian seaside, Mamaia to be more exact, where, very soon, two large festivals shall take place covering together the entire spectrum of preferences of all poker players: The “888Live Mamaia” and “Caelia Beach Vip Player Tournament”. Here is a short description of both, in chronological order.


888Live Mamaia


This is a festival within the 888Live series which is held throughout the year in various locations across the country, as a result of an alliance between the on-line giant 888poker and PokerFest Romania, and the phase in Mamaia, held between 18 and 24 July, is special for several reasons.


First of all, the guaranteed prizes are tempting for anyone. A total of at least EUR 230,000 is allocated for the prize funds. The main tournament – Main Event – shall cost EUR 550 and has EUR 100,000 guaranteed. Between the 22 tournaments of the series, we observe the High Roller of EUR 1,100 with EUR 30,000 guaranteed, the Opening Event with EUR 20,000 in prizes with a buy-in of only EUR 170, and other tournaments in different formats and buy-ins, so that any pocket may have access to the tables.


Secondly, a great plus for the event is its location. The festival shall take place only several meters away from the sea’s waves, in the 4 star Bavaria Blu hotel, in a generous hall, whose terrace offers a perfect season view.


Last, but not least, the advantage of the alliance between the Romanian PokerFest operator and the on-line poker room 888poker is in favor of small-budget players: starting with May 24th, an intense qualifications campaign is taking place on-line with satellites starting from only 10 cents and a final super-satellite, which plays every two days, as a result of which the EUR 550 ticket may be achieved with only a $55 buy-in.


Caelia Beach Vip Player Tournament


This is a complete premiere event, as it is a tournament destined to promote poker among influent persons, an exclusive meeting, with limited seats. The tournament shall take place between 16 and 19 July in the most luxurious tourist complex in the country, Caelia Beach Bar & Lounge, the favorite meeting and relaxation place of the most select names in show-biz, sports, business and mass-media.


With an entry fee of EUR 1,100, the tournament is limited to 100 players and shall reunite in-house celebrities and elite poker players around the poker tables. The organizer is PokerFest Romania, and we find out from CEO Sorin Constantinescu that: “The purpose of this exclusive event is to introduce poker to influencers, to show them that socializing is at its highest around a poker table, that relations, friendships and even business and collaborations can arise around a poker table.”


If you decide to participate, after finding out more from the organizer’s web-page, we advise that you pre-apply, as 12 hours after the official announcement was made, 10% of the available seats were already covered.


In the future number of our magazine, we will provide details about the following events in the Romanian Calendar of the 2018 season of live-poker.


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