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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

We have all learned of the virtual sport bets offered by operators. It is that section where we have virtual sports we can bet on. And the events follow each other rapidly, while many types of bets are similar to what we find in real sports. It can be simply noticed that virtual bets combine the particulars of both lotteries and sport events.

During these times, when most sport competitions are suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemics, some organizations put a lot of effort in developing the segment of virtual sports. IMG Arena does it, too. They have just announced a partnership with the ATP Tour for a number of virtual products. The aim is to create experiences that are as real, and come as close as possible to those we live watching tennis matches.

tenis virtual

What is virtual tennis

Virtual tennis is nothing new. The first events were simulated by SEGA back in 1993. The graphic technology has improved year after year, to be now of a fascinating reality.

In virtual tennis, new matches are offered every 3.5 or 3 minutes, without interruptions (this provides for a better frequency than in case of tennis played in real tournaments). Virtual tennis allows us to bet on the most popular real tennis betting markets – the winner of the first place, the first set, the number of points, the game gap, the set gap, and many others. Still, the offer differs from bookmaker to bookmaker, depending on the virtual gaming provider they work with.

Some bookmakers even allow us to place multiple tickets on virtual tennis, combine more odds and available matches. Of course, this is attractive and interesting for any punter in pursuit of higher gains.

What types of bets can be find on virtual tennis

Match winner – here we select the player to win the match

tenis virtual

Score of first set/Score on sets: more options, but we can place even more bets to anticipate the score

Correct game score/Correct set score/Correct match score: the higher the odds, the more adrenaline and excitement

Total points: the number of points that can be obtained in a game, set or match.

tenis virtual

It is important to know that we can place tickets combining more options and bets. For this reason, we need to know precisely what combinations our bookmarker allows us to make on tickets. Indeed, there are operators where we can combine more events in a match, such as, for instance, winner + total points.



Is virtual tennis fair?

Fairness of virtual tennis is beyond any doubt. Simulations rely on random events, and are computer-generated.

tenis virtual

While sports competitions get delayed or are cancelled, the sport betting industry can look towards simulated events, like virtual tennis (Image: IMG Arena)

In virtual sports, statistics are provided for guidance. They can help us form an opinion, justify the odd, and provide us with guiding variants. For instance, we can only bet on odds in excess of @2.10 relying on the recent data presented by the operator.

Coming back to how fair virtual events are, we need to understand that they don’t follow a pattern. It could be that the favorite has lost all his or her five matches, but this does not mean that he or she should win the next one. Nor does this it mean that he or she would definitely win the next 10, 20 or 50 events.


The nature of random events rests precisely in the fact that they are random, and, as such, beyond any control whatsoever. If we manage to understand this, we can easily get over the bad times, and make more profitable choices. It is as simple as that. We can be correctly on the @3.00 odd several times in a raw, or we can file while betting on @1.2 odds.


The bright side is that we can apply different betting strategies in record time. For instance, using a Lei 10 fixed stage, we can place 100 different bets on odds in excess of @2.00.  Thus, we can see whether a strategy is profit-making, or we should adapt it by changing either the stakes, or the odds.



Pros and Cons in betting on virtual tennis

The sport leagues put an end to their matches and events due to the COVID-19 pandemics. Currently, in Russia and Ukraine, only table tennis and football matches are played. The Tokyo Olympics were rescheduled for July 2021, and the football analyst of the ESPD College, Kirk Herbstreit, was heard declaring that one should not be surprised if we don’t see any American football played by the end of 2020.


This, virtual sports can be an alternative to real ones, at least for punters. The enhanced video experience, the types of bets, the fact that events cannot be rigged, the high paces, they are all benefits that one cannot overlook.

As to the shortcomings, we can say that the experience is not complete, the games have no real stakes, we don’t need to search for information or study, and all of these can prove less pleasant.


What is important is to have fun, and live pleasant moments during these very unpleasant times. And virtual tennis can offer us that dose of adrenaline and entertainment that we need so much. As punter’s involvement increases and becomes more flexible in a virtual tennis match, these events can turn into a breeding ground for our bets.

 By Mircea Panait

Author: Editor

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