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Bets and …fixed bets

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Text: Mircea Panait

Since the beginning of times people wanted to be able to control luck. As time went by, they realized it is impossible to do so. Thus, they tried to wheedle, to get on the good side of hazard.

Hazard has a well defined place and an irrefutable role in sports betting. It is the parameter considered by any gambler when it comes to choosing the stake. What if X won’t win? What if team A won’t win? These are normal questions that come into the mind of any bettor. He bets depending on the answer he gives himself, hence risking a certain amount of money.

What happens if a bettor reads asks or is informed about a possibly fixed game with a result known in advance? He certainly tends to increase the stake for that bet exponentially. Psychologically, the disposition to a quick gain is huge, and if a bettor has a studied match, let’s say Team A vs.  Team B 2.10  3.4  3.5., he gathers all the available data and information and then the bettor in question concludes that betting on Team A is more valuable and considers a  stake of 10 U for this bet.  Shortly before the match, on various specialty forums there is information according to which the match is likely to be “fixed” and Team A must win with two goals ahead. This pseudo-information confirms the bettor’s idea that the bet is valuable and it has potential, it feeds his vanity …The next step: increasing the stake. If initially he had stopped at a 10U stake, now he increases stake up to 60U.  The match starts, the match ends, and stupor, it’s a draw. At that point the bettor really becomes aware that he lost six times more money than he intended to bet. Self-confidence drops, the desire to recover at once the amount lost increases. A new loss will follow, edginess, other failed bets. And it all started from pretended information on a game, a bet, information appeared shortly before the start of the match and provided by a questionable source.

We have described above a horrible scenario to which, unfortunately, many of the novice bettors are an easy mark. The sports world is not an idyllic one. Today they grant awards for the spirit of fair play, which was once highly regarded by competitors. In the world of sports betting, gamblers win or lose. Some fewer, win, others and more, lose. Bookmakers win when gamblers lose. The logic is simple. In the same way in which the spirit of fair play must be understood, protected and promoted in sports, bettors, amateur bettors, should understand that their activity is one of entertainment, something one should do with pleasure, in their spare time. And thus we return to the basic rule of sports betting: Bet as long as you can afford to do so!

Periodically, the specialized press reports various cases of fixed, rigged, matches, agreements, and so and so forth. Inquiries in relation to the players, coaches, referees, or close people of some athletes are related. It all results in all kinds of sanctions and the respective sport moves on, betting does to. The next thing, various information concerning the “gambling mafia”, “syndicates of gamblers”, “the Asian market of gambling” comes out, many of these data and information smell like bed time stories and even worse, like a bad joke. However, one can also read between the lines fragments of information that might be credible, just between the lines. The time of arrangements has passed. The reciprocity, the arrangements have diminished even in Romanian football (there you are!). Although they are no longer that visible, from time to time a match or two that raise big questions on both the events in and outside the field, come up; on the field questions regarding players, outside it regarding the Manager, owner, number of employees. To pay off a team in order to obtain a result is prohibited and sanctioned by criminal law as an act of corruption. Yet let’s look at the factors that may influence a match of football and try to systematize them:

Let’s take two teams, each made up of 10 field players and a goalkeeper. If the players on the field form “small groups”, they can decisively influence the conduct of a match. Although it seems a credible alternative, remember that each team has a coach, which is almost impossible to fool in these situations. The goalkeeper alone can directly or indirectly have a decisive influence on the fate of the match. There were related cases of goalkeepers betting on the “red card” for the match in which they were tenured and forced this card, most of the time by entering the penalty box and committing a hands intentionally; in the case of the goalkeeper, hands is considered to be a misconduct and is penalized with “red”. Not only goalkeepers but also field players may cause a red, either by accumulating two yellow cards, or by committing any misconduct for which one gets removed from the field.

–         Conduct of the match: there have been many cases in which a team was leading at halftime and finally lost the match. Inverting the score break/end = an over 30 odd. Reasonable stake, fabulous win.

–          The Referee (may critically influence the fate of a match, it is good to study each referee individually, to see if and how he conducts the game). There were reported several cases of fixed bets concerning the starting shot of the match. Normally, the bookmakers give the team having the start shot a 1.90 odd and this is a bet considered yet funny. This is the reason why they tempered with it.

–          The Winnings from such bets, are not very high, but the attention that given to this aspect is little, suitable for those concerning themselves with it. The referee can very easily decide the fate of a “penalty or not” bet on the match. The odd for a penalty might even reach a 4.00 odd, while no penalty during the match receives a 1.20 odd.

The Anatomy of a football match permits various bet types, many of which come to the dirtiest of arrangements. As bettor, it is not easy to avoid an arranged match. Make no mistake the biggest amounts of money are betted on the line, i.e. the victory of one team and draw, therefore 1, X, 2. Another solid market for each match is the one of the over/under 2.5 goals bets (under/over 2.5). Thus we have the bets on the line and those derived from Asian handicaps. Here are several tips to help you protect yourself from possible fixed matches:

–          Do not bet on matches that are not televised;

–          Don’t bet in obscure leagues. They haven’t discovered football very well in those leagues, but they know very well how to fix it.

–          Do not bet on the teams famous for making arrangements;

–          Do not bet id you are urged by someone you know, based on “reliable information”;

–          Do not make public bets. Avoid to bet “fixed matches”, “sure matches”, “ticket of the day” and other weird things like these.

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  1. interesant si util. Psihicul omului e foarte fragil si usor de influentat prin tot felul de mijloace si cel mai greu ca parior este sa accepti ca ai pierdut intr-o zi si sa te opresti in ziua aia incercand a doua zi sa pariezi ca si cum nu ai fi pierdut.

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