Bets on talent or bets with talent?

Friday, 31 May 2019

There are certain types of special bets which are attractive and stir up our imagination and inspiration. “Romania’s Got Talent” and the bets on the most talented and gifted participants.

Sportingbet is a betting house which offers us the chance to bet on the winner of the Romania’s Got Talent competition! The show presented and aired by Pro TV since February 2011 is a Got Talent Franchise, a reality television type competition. It was developed by the British corporation Simco Limited and is hosted by Smiley and Pavel Bartos! The competition’s prizes amount to approximatively EUR 120,000.

It is also one of the most viewed TV shows, the first live of this seasons having had 2.4 million viewers at national level, according to

Românii au talent

Special bets with a special character

Before getting to the bets offered by Sportingbet for Romania’s Got Talent, I’d like to say a few things about them. What makes them different from other special bets, which are the strong points and weak points, for those who bet on the winners?

You remember that I wrote about the Oscars repeatedly and you can find the articles on Well, they are considered to have a high degree of predictability if we inform ourselves properly. An @1.10 odd has a margin which is less affected by the operator and which is closer to reality. That obviously means that trust is directly proportionate with the contestant’s chances. Practically, an @1.10 odd is more valuable for a special bet (in the case of shows), then in the case of sports events. It is an opinion shared by several punters who have experience in the field.

As comments, we can consider the immobilization of funds for a more extended period of time. And even so, we can place bets on several potential winners. This way, we increase our chances of gaining profit, even if it is reduced by the shared stake.

If we follow the show and we know the participants’ evolution, we can have fun by betting on the winner. Adrenaline, a greater degree of nervousness, but we too can be among those who cash in at the end of the competition.

The bets we can find at Sportingbet to place on Romania’s Got Talent

We find these bets under the Entertainment section and they are very easy to access.

We can bet on the winner by setting our stakes on one of the 11 listed participants.

For example, in the case above, we see that Ema Stoian, the National Opera Children’s Choir and Ana-Maria Pantaze are the favorites, while Marius Dragus and Rares Bratu can be surprises. We believe that one of the first three will win, but we want more security, so we pick 2 bets:

  • If we bet RON 100 on Ema Stoian, we can win RON 210, actual profit of RON 110
  • If we bet RON 100 on the National Opera Children’s Choir as well, we can win RON 320, actual profit of RON 220

Betting RON 200, we can make a profit of RON 10 or RON 220, depending on the winner. This is just an example, we can split the bank differently by increasing or decreasing the amount placed on a contestant. It all depends on the information and inspiration we have.


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