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Gets`Bet betting offer

Monday, 21 December 2020

Nowadays, punters are looking for the best possible options to make a profit. Bookmakers complete and diversify their offer trying to attract as many customers as possible based not only on odds, but also on adjacent services. Here we can talk about withdrawals, deposits, personalized offers, promotions for various events, etc.

It is known that it is extremely difficult to innovate in sports betting. Basically, for years, the betting options have remained unchanged. There have been some changes, new bets have appeared, but the new ones are just derivatives of the main bets. Complex bets are now in the spotlight, and the fact that you can place multiple bets on a single match is an advantage for punters.

I invite you to analyze the Gets`Bet portfolio. The operator offers various betting options and you can discover many unexpected bets. This feature is great for any punter looking for valuable events and bets.

The approach is different when you bet online, compared with the act of placing a ticket in a land based agency. When you bet in a land based agency, you have a panel offer, a table one and the betting terminal at your disposal. When you bet online, you can place the ticket directly in your account or you can create it and place it over the counter, using the letter code and a number. Because you can place a bet using the mobile app, which is flexible and very easy to use ( Besides the possibility to create and place your tickets very easily, the mobile app has also functions that help you track your bets, inform yourself and bet faster and easier.

Oferta de pariere la Gets`Bet

Oferta de pariere la Gets`Bet

The offer available in agencies is similar to the one you find online. As soon as you enter the site, you will notice the sports listed on the left. Football, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, rugby, volleyball, baseball, snooker, table tennis, etc. You can find all of them online, alongside virtual, e-sports, special and political options. In general, the expectations of any player are complemented by the vastness of the offer.

If you access football betting, you will immediately notice the very large number of bets offered on each match. More than 140 bets, including: bets on the final result, bets on the number of goals, bets on halves, corners, interval, cards, players, specials and, of course, the Supercombo option.

Supercombo is very helpful when you want to bet more on a match. This is the ideal choice if you want a high odds, a more valuable bet and more options, all on one ticket. You can combine different bets from a match with a single click.

Basically, you have almost all types of bets at your disposal, appreciated and played. If GG or GG3+ have become common, you will find more than that. Final Asian handicap, Asian handicap in halves, win any half, corner bets in various variants, options that not all land based agencies offer. If the majority of operators offer the break or final result betting option, things change when it comes to either half bet.

If you are more passionate about tennis and you prefer to bet on this sport, you have many tempting odds. You will find over 30 types of bets/match. These refer to the match, set, special bets. Here you have: “win at least one set” (or “win at least 2 sets” at Grand Slam tournaments), but also other very interesting bets such as “win any set at 0”.

But Get’s Bet portfolio also includes various other sports betting options. For hockey, for example, you can find over 85 types of bets on a game. And we are talking about full time bets, regular time, period, totals, first at, goal scorer.

Regarding the odds offered, here you should be careful. There is no bookmaker with the best odds or the worst, at least on the Romanian market. Operators’ odds vary in real time and are influenced by the number and volume of bets placed. If you do an analysis, however, you can see that, in many sports, you have an average share of @1.90 – @1.93 in many markets. This means that here you can find valuable odds with slightly altered margins.

Oferta de pariere la Gets`Bet

Oferta de pariere la Gets`Bet

There can be a multitude of different cases and odds, depending on each sporting event. However, you can easily get an overview by watching the bets whose odds you know. You will see that here you will find very good odds, often higher than the ones you are used to.

Regarding the match mentioned above, if the payout is made choosing Qualify, we have: 1.71 * 2.15 / (1.71 +2.15) = 3.6765 / 3.86 = 0.95 i.e. one of 95%.

What is different for a tennis match? Let’s take the payout on the winner at Richard Gasuet – Salvatore Carusso @1.40 – @3.10.

1.40 * 3.10 / (1.40 + 3.10) = 4.34 / 4.5 = 0.96, i.e. one of 96%. Even better than the one for football game.

Oferta de pariere la Gets`Bet

Oferta de pariere la Gets`Bet

Maybe the best betting offer? Indeed, the strength of Gets`Bet betting operator consists in its impressive betting offer, which arouses the customers’ interest. Not only the generous offer and the listed competitions, but also the betting options and odds are the ones that make the difference. Nowadays, many punters are looking for different betting options and best betting odds, available on lesser known markets. Whether it’s winning at least one half, cards, corners, multi score or complex bets, you can find them all and bet easily.

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