Odeta Nestor, Chair of the Remote Gambling Association, recently sustained her doctoral thesis on the issues of remote gambling “Globalization is a primary factor in the development of the industry, but the measures that can be taken within our field can be an important catalyst for the complete regulation of this field”

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Odeta Nestor, Chair of the Remote Gambling Association, debates extensively in her doctoral thesis, which was presented last month within the Police Academy, the issue of remote gambling, the regulation of this field, globalization as the main factor in the development of the industry and also the measures that can be taken as to develop the field in Romania.

The entertainment industry represents, in today’s globalized world, one of the most powerful and prolific of the economic branches; it has a major impact on global GDP and has presented a constant growth for some time now. It has to be said that alongside tourism, public catering and others, the gaming industry is a part of entertainment and in the last ten years it has begun to move its landbased operations into the online environment.

Among the EU member states that changed their gambling legislation was Romania as well, which in December 2010, through the law of empowerment of GEO 77/2009 regarding the organization and operation of gambling, namely Law no. 246/20103, introduced the term online for different types of games. Through these legislative changes, it is possible to organize online lottery activities and mutual betting activities. By briefly presenting the emergence and evolution of traditional gambling, we try to emphasize their importance from a social, economic and entertainment point of view – as they were originally designed.

The geographical distribution of gambling from antiquity to the present, the way society has perceived them, the interests of the political class – there were times when gambling was banned, which generated a black market that managed colossal amounts of money which were not subjected to taxation, have made this real industry somewhat disputed. Globalization and digitization are the two important factors that have marked the entertainment industry that also includes the gaming industry. The emergence of the Internet and migration from landbased to online marketplace, along with a wealth of connectivity options (personal computers, tablets, mobile phones) has resulted in an important part of traditional customers moving to remote games.

Odeta Nestor

The emergence and regulation of remote gambling in various legislatures has meant a real “revolution” in the field of “law”, because the legal part must and is harmoniously intertwined with a very precise technical part, which must regulate a “free” field- Internet access and browsing, a real challenge for authorities managing the domain at the level of each EU-member state.

As far as the licensing of remote gambling in Romania is concerned, it was possible due to legislative changes in 2015, a regulation seen as very good at the level of the European Union, that has allowed the elimination of the public order risks that this field can produce (through the large number of people who have accessed unlicensed online gambling, through the risk of not receiving the prizes due from malicious operators, by the important amounts that were non-taxed, etc.), but also by creating a normality in this field of niche.

Even if at the time of discussing the law provisions of remote games, there were voices accusing “loss for the consolidated state budget by means of the mass migration of landbased players to the online”, the inconsistency of authority by “allowing certain companies on the market which had illegally operated on the national territory “and other aspects, it was proved that the aforementioned fears were not grounded and that the two branches – traditional and remote games – can coexist in a fairly regulated, competitive and transparent market.

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