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Friday, 12 July 2019

Ever since it started its activity on the market, more than six years ago,  NEWTON has been and is one of the most innovative and active companies with 100%  Romanian capital that focuses on quality, security and stability, offering operators complex marketing, rigorous control and efficient use of resources.

The position it already has on the Romanian market is excellent and is mainly due to the quality of the products and the services it makes available to the organizers, but it is also due to the people behind the platform. The in­dustry already knows and trusts the NEWTON sys­tem, but let’s talk with the newest member of its team, as to find out what they have in store for us for the second half of 2019, directly from the source.

Andrei Stanescu – Newton

Andrei Stănescu, NEWTON – In­ter­national Sales Director – EMEA: “It being a company with a history, which continues to focus on building platforms and ecosystems that constantly creating new opportunities for our partners, Newton must uniquely contribute to the gambling world by means of an extraordinary team, with capable people, experts in their fields, who help us and develop new modules meant to strengthen the relationship with the players and enhance their experience, modules such as the Developing Customer Loyalty – one of the most strongest within our Casino Management system. We have three prin­ciples in our DNA that are the foundation of all we produce and develop – SFI – Safety, Func­tio­na­lity, Innovation.”


Based on these prin­ci­ples, this method was developed out of the desire to offer operators the solutions to attract and keep players, but especially in order to maximize business pro­fitability. There are two options for this Developing Customer Loyalty module, either the Classic Loyalty option, available with a classic card reader or Contactless Loyalty, the premium option available with contactless card reader. Other new adjacent products, such as the Player Tracking System with the LCD & Smart Watch module, shall bring the organizer even closer to the client, its main pur­pose being to im­prove the player’s ex­pe­rience, thus increasing the chan­ces of turning an occasional cli­ent into a loyal one.


As such, with new pro­ducts such as LCD, with a 4 inch touch­screen display through which the players can communicate with the hall’s operators faster and more efficient, they can select from the available options messa­ges such as “cashout”, “call an operator”, “order from the bar” and can visualize the accumulated points and the newly available jackpot versions, the player’s personal one and the individual jackpot of the machine, in real time. This way, it is no longer necessary that a player get up from a terminal in order to request an operator or to place an order at the bar, thus increasing the time allocated to the game. It is a premium solution that is meant to satisfy even the most exigent of clients. Furthermore, the smart watch, the device on which operators receive requests from players, shall always know the value of the cashouts, to which machines bar orders must go, and on the other hand, the players are notified that their requests have been received and are already being executed. It shall allow for a more efficient personnel organization and a client service that will place your location in their top preferences.

Andrei Stanescu – Newton

However, now, we are focusing all our efforts on our new star product, the Cash dispenser, a new product built and developed strictly for the needs of our partners, as we know the difficulties the organizers face when looking for good, trustworthy personnel with a responsible work behavior. Cases in which employees violate their obligations in relation to their employers and render themselves guilty of inventory shortage are not rare. In these situations, the cash dispenser is the ideal solution, as the clients can take their cashouts in a completely safe and confidential manner, and by means of it, the personnel’s access to money is limited, thus avoiding fraud risks. It comes in two versions, one with four money cassettes and one with six, and the moment the cashout is confirmed at the cash dispenser, this is validated remotely on the machine as well. All that we do, we do for our partners!


We will be presenting these and many more in detail at the EArena 2019, at the beginning of September. We look forward to seeing you at the Newton stand!

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