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Saturday, 14 November 2015

As you probably know, the deadline to connect to the ONJN all slot-machine games present on the Romanian ground is fast approaching. We do not have much time left untill 31.12.2015, deadline set as the end date for the connection. NEWTON Company is one of the companies working intensively in this period for connecting clients and signing new contracts.

The number of organizers choosing NEWTON as the partner for this connection is increasing and therefore the NEWTON team also increases. The feedback from the organizers is very good when it comes the NEWTON system, which is ready to face any change that could later be requested by ONJN.

We are aware that General Manager of the NEWTON company, Mr. Dragos Buriu is 100% involved in this project and is working to obtain a partnership with a renowned company in the field of gambling.

The NEWTON system is in permanent development. This is guaranteed by the development department of this company consisting of no less than 10 programmers working to adapt the system to all requirements and needs of each client. Moreover, the company’s technical department has 12 technicians that can form 12 teams of equipment installation.

At the moment we can say that the new 4.0 version has become a system limited only by the imagination of each organizer. The target for this new system was flexibility, and it has been met with great success. For example, if you have a location with 300 slot machines, you can put even 300 jackpots with a single system. Moreover, you can even form groups of slots boasting a jackpot for each group, all with one system.

As for monitoring, which interests everyone at the moment, the situation is simple. The NEWTON TOTAL CONTROL system does it all, and when we say all, we mean that there is no function at the moment that the system does not contain and no information that the system does not transmit. Moreover, Newton is 100% ready for the Office’s requirements, currently meeting all requirements.

The Call Center / Customer Care Department will be opened in the next months, having as sole purpose to provide a close connection with our partners. You may have noticed that the term “client” is missing here. The relationship with NEWTON is one of partnership, never one of seller and customer. NEWTON is always there for all its partners trying to achieve the best possible cooperation and a long lasting one.

As an addition brought to all operators in Romania, our exclusive contract signed with the Austrian company AMATIC INDUSTRIES, brings to Romania the new models of slot machine, called Performer Grand Arc. They have enjoyed a very successful exhibition, NEWTON entering into contracts with companies such as Royal, Imperial, Eldorado Magic Games, Max Bet, Gameworld and many others.

Even since the beginning of our activity, in 1993, AMATIC Industries operates successfully on the international casino and gambling market of for more than 20 years. The main aim of this company is to combine the high quality production with the latest technology and to increase international standards using their products.

The long experience with a global network of suppliers, partners and distributors, lead to a strong entry on the market and one of the best customer support departments. AMATIC adapts their products to the requirements and needs of each country and of each client. This flexibility, along with constant monitoring of requests from all areas, provide a strong competition in the international casino and gaming industry.

The new Performer Grand Arc models come with a simply staggering design. The model with 3 touch-screen monitors of 27 “diagonal gives players an amazing feeling. The new models designed so that to guarantee comfort to all those who dedicate a long time to enjoying and playing at such a slot machine.

For Romania, the new slant-top devices come with programs both in English and in Romanian, providing a high degree of comfort during the player’s interaction with them.

Performer Grand Arc comes with a package of 61 games made for all types of players. These can include classic games and games very popular among the senior organizers in Romania, such as: Multiwinia, Multiwinia Triple, Fruit Poker and more.

Given that all organizers who have tried these games not only continued with their orders, but have promoted themselves this new profitable investment, we can only say that these games fit very well to local customers typologies. Undoubtedly, Performer Grand Arc will rise your location to another level, providing a high degree of authenticity and visual comfort, turning any location into a premium one simply by being present there.

Besides the new slant-top models, the Amatic Company offers also an upright version that comes with the same game programs, both in Romanian and English, destined for those locations where the space is not so generous. The up-Right version of the famous Austrian manufacturer is named Performer C22 and offers the same convenient method of interaction with large monitors and touchscreen, which will delight all players.

Another important aspect is that AMATIC includes technical and operational security while demonstrating liability to partners, associates, employees and players. As a consequence, the company focuses on responsible gaming, always maintaining a close relationship with authorities, experts and scientists to ensure maximum safety for players.

For more information NEWTON SLOTS is available by e-mail: and by phone at the telephone number (+40) 733 40 40 40.

Continue to stay close to Newton to benefit from the latest news in the field.

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