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Monday, 19 April 2021

Safety, Functionality, Innovation. These are the qualities that make Newton stand out. The company has already won the admiration of its customers during the eight years of activity.


Newton is one of the most successful companies in the field of systems dedicated to slot machines. Its offers are among the best on the Romanian market, due to the services offered to collaborators and customers and, as well, due to the quality of the products. It is one of the most active and in demand companies both nationally and internationally, which has become the preferred company of casino operators, thanks to its dedicated and passionate team that addresses the IT notions.


The gambling and entertainment market has evolved continuously and constantly due to Newton’s operating systems, through the multiple modules offered to customers to facilitate management system simplification, data processing and monitoring of various revenues.


We can say that Newton is a concept that is constantly evolving and has multiple options to provide operators with the necessary efficiency and safety. The activity in the casino floors is quite intense and often fraud attempts are present in the ventures dedicated to these activities. This was often difficult to control before Newton came up with systems specifically designed for safety. In short, the company helps casino floors owners to provide them with a functional and fluid operating system by building modules such as:

Infotouch NEWTON

Monitoring – This module consists of the complete recording of the activity carried out in the various locations, through specific reports required by law or even customized for each type of game. Thus, all statistics are implemented in the system and easily accessible, in real time, with a single click.


Jackpot – A complex system, compatible with all slot machine models that offers control from any type of mobile device. It can display up to 6 jackpot levels at the same time and offers a wide range of configurable jackpots.


Loyalty – Built for the management system, this module is available in two versions: classic loyalty (version available with classic card reader) and contactless loyalty: premium version available with contactless card reader.


Along with these services, we must mention the Player Tracking System with LCD & Smart watch mode developed by Newton, which is among the most appreciated by its users.

Smart-watch NEWTON

The LCD system has significantly simplified the customer’s communication with the casino operators. It can thus use the messages “cash out”, “call operator”, “bar command” and can view the accumulated points and the new jackpot versions available in real time. Thanks to this module, the client can dedicate his time exclusively to the game. These connections between the customer and the operator are made through the Smart-watch, another Newton brand concept. Thus, the operators will know the value of the cash-outs and will identify the devices from which the orders are received, while the customer is notified that his request is in progress.

Cash Dispenser NEWTON

In addition to the management modules, we will talk about Cash Dispenser, a revolutionary device that has increased efficiency and minimized the fraud risk. This device is as secure as possible, as staff access to money is completely restricted.

Through the specific and necessary security and validation protocols, the customer can release his winnings through a special card used only by the staff of the casino floors.


Although it is an international company, everything is produced and developed in Romania. The quality offered is supported by the best prices on the market and the desire to put the customer needs first, which makes Newton the best partner for your business.

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