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Monday, 3 February 2020

Newton is developing innovative, state-of-the-art systems for the gambling market. At the regional level, Newton is one of the most successful companies operating in the field of systems dedicated to slot machines.

Newton also owes its market success to a very good balance between competitive prices and the performance of its products and services. The company’s products are developed and produced in Romania and tested in cooperation with our partners in the most demanding gambling environments, and can be adapted to meet customer’s needs and wishes.

Newton always sides its partners, providing the best solutions for monitoring and increasing revenue. At the same time, Newton recommends to all partners who use slot machines suspected to be counterfeit, to abandon their use and to replace them with Novomatic products in advantageous conditions.

The constant difficulties faced by the gambling organizers in finding and retaining reliable employees who adopt responsible behavior at the workplace can now be solved by integrating the Cash Dispenser, the groundbreaking solution that stands for our fundamental principles, namely: sustainability, security and functionality.

This new product offers the possibility to make payments in a more secure and effective way, while ensuring increased cash security and more rigorous control over it. It is the ideal solution to restrict the access of the staff to large amounts of money, avoiding possible frauds and cases of shortage charges. It is equipped with four money boxes and the value of the banknotes that will be introduced in each box will be preset, as per the customer’s requirements. The maximum capacity of a box is of five hundred banknotes.


The Cash Dispenser is the ideal solution for more efficient payments. The cash-outs available on the means of gambling will be transmitted to the Cash Dispenser via the NEWTON system and can be viewed on its monitor. Based on a card exclusively available to the staff of the gambling room, the cash-outs will be validated and authorized for release.

In addition to the Cash Dispenser, if they want to be at the forefront of the industry, operators need to adapt to the gambler’s requests and provide them with enhanced flexibility through easily accessible and convenient gambling means. The Loyalty Module, including Player Tracking and Bonusing, is essential for any business, it is the “tool” that allows the organizer to communicate with its customers. The information and reports regarding the customers’ activity in various locations tell you what players never will. The more you know about their gambling behavior, the more efficient your actions will be in trying to get them to come back as frequently as possible to your locations, spend more time there, gamble more.


The implementation of a loyalty programme offers multiple advantages. They range from the increase of the turnover generated by a constant volume of customers, the retaining o the customers who will no longer go to the competing gambling locations offering the same services, and up to the attraction of new customers, because a satisfied customer will always bring with him new clients.


The Bonusing programmes through which you will compensate your loyal gamblers may be global or customized, depending on the specific level and preferences. You can set up a global Jackpot level, which can only be won based on the loyalty card, to promote the use of card and facilitate acceptance.


A slot machine gambler compensation programme is one of the strongest tools in identifying VIPs and encouraging them to show their loyalty towards your location; it will generate a competitive advantage for your company, being a very important part of the marketing equation.

NEWTON Infotouch

The Info Touch may be customized with any logo of your choice. It can display promotional materials, ads, which makes it very useful for marketing campaigns. This is a complete, state-of-the-art, touchscreen terminal that can be installed in any location. It will allow players to view, whenever they want, the points they accumulated and the raffle tickets in real time. Moreover, through the Info Touch and the Automatic Raffle, customers can print their raffle tickets directly in the extraction ballot box.

The Automatic Raffle is the ideal way to avoid the conflict situations between employees and players, based on the way of awarding tickets, and to considerably reduce the time wasted by the casino staff with the providing of tickets.

Automating this feature will make it easier for players to participate in promotional campaigns and will give them confidence, improving the image of your company.


Another device, which allows the creation of campaigns and marketing activities designed to promote and guarantee the position of our partners in the market and to offer players superior gambling experiences and services, is the Cash Desk Printer, the central component of the TITO module. Cash Desk Printer allows operators to streamline their internal processes and procedures by printing tickets that customers can use as they wish. In addition to increasing overall customer satisfaction, the solution also offers increased productivity for employees.

The TITO system contributes to the activity increment and, according to statistics, two out of three tickets issued are reintroduced in the means of play, resulting in an increment in turnover and the feedback from customers is a positive one, because they enjoy the flexibility of the new currency, the “Barcode ticket”.

Moreover, your staff can focus on “customer care” and marketing, with more time available to provide players with important information about the on-site services and the ongoing promotional campaigns.

Cash Desk Printer allows operators to streamline their internal processes and procedures by printing tickets that customers can use as they wish. In addition to increasing overall customer satisfaction, the solution also offers increased productivity for employees.

Player Access Interface – a new product added to our portfolio, is a smart, state-of-the-art solution that should not be missing from any casino floor. It allows our partners to find out, in real time, who is present on the casino floor and can enjoy the full range of features, such as VIP alerts and blacklisting customers. The usefulness of the Player Access Interface solution is felt on the casino floors, where problematic customers come, because when they enter the location, the staff responsible for maintaining the peace and security will be notified immediately.

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