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NEWTON – Your ideal partner for growing a business!

Saturday, 23 November 2019

NEWTON is developing cutting-edge and innovative systems for the gambling market. At the regional level, Newton is one of the most successful companies operating in the field of slot machines.

With extensive experience in the gambling industry and in-depth knowledge in the IT field, Newton brings the best of these two universes together. Thus, Newton is noted for developing integrated hardware, software and systems that bear the mark of excellence in reliability, modularity and scalability.

The company’s products are produced and developed in Romania and their testing is performed in association with our partners, in the most demanding gambling environments, so that they can be adapted to meet their needs and wishes. Such an approach requires exceptional reliability, products with a wide range of applications, as well as high quality after-sales services. Newton owes its market success to a very good balance between competitive prices and the performance of its products and services.

Newton is always with its partners providing the best solutions for monitoring and increasing revenue. At the same time, Newton recommends that all partners who use gaming devices alleged to be counterfeit, to discontinue their use and to replace them with Novomatic products in advantageous conditions.

Because our efforts are focused on providing the best hardware and software products in the industry, we have launched our newest and most reliable product – the Cash Dispenser device – the revolutionary solution that meets our core principles: sustainability, security and functionality.

NEWTON cash dispenser

NEWTON cash dispenser

The constant difficulties faced by operators in finding and retaining reliable employees who adopt responsible behavior in the workplace can now be solved by integrating the Cash Dispenser – the ideal solution for making payments safe and securing the cash from the safe. Payments can be viewed directly on the screen of the Cash Dispenser, and through a card used only by the room staff, withdrawals can be validated, with all the security protocols implemented.

The Cash Dispenser is the ideal solution, allowing customers to receive their receipts under conditions of full confidentiality and limiting or even completely restricting staff access to money, which eliminates the risk of fraud.

Another device that can help you constantly control and monitor your customers’ visits is one of the latest equipment added to our portfolio – Player Access Interface – a high-tech smart solution that should not be missing from any gaming room.

This allows easy registration of all visitors who come to the casino reception. With this help, our partners can find out in real time, who is in the game room and can enjoy the full range of functions, such as VIP alerts and blacklisting customers, while collecting all relevant data which can be used for extended analytics and reporting.

The usefulness of the Player Access Interface solution is felt in the table games room, as it reduces the time spent by employees to perform repetitive activities, which ensures a superior experience for visitors and increases the chances that they will invite other customers in the game room in the future.

The latest release to complement our TITO module, Cash Desk Printer, allows operators to facilitate their internal processes and procedures by printing out tickets that customers can use as they wish. In addition to increasing overall customer satisfaction, the solution also offers increased productivity for employees.

The Cash Desk Printer solution is the central component of the TITO module, which allows the creation of marketing campaigns and activities designed to promote and guarantee the position of our partners in the market and to provide players with superior gaming experiences and services.

Focusing on the existing Info Point solution, we have developed a new and improved version, Info Touch, which is a “must-have” for any operator who wants to offer his customers the best possible experience. This is the complete, next-gen terminal that will be installed in each location managed by the operator and will allow players to view, at any moment, accumulated points or raffle tickets, in real time.

The versatile and elegant design can be customized with the logo of your choice, available now only with the Contactless module, which includes the latest generation touch screen feature that gives players the opportunity to individually choose the promotion they want to participate in, but it can display other promotional materials too, which makes it even more useful for effective and targeted marketing campaigns.

Our core values are part of the company’s DNA, and the product features, such as Durability, Security and Functionality offered to our partners, always come first.

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