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Monday, 2 September 2019

Newton is dedicated to the development of top-of-the-line and innovative systems for the gaming industry. On a regional scale, Newton ranks among the most successful companies dealing with systems supporting slot machines.

With extensive experience in the gaming industry and a large body of knowledge in IT systems, Newton brings together the best of the two worlds. Achieving this, Newton excels in manufacturing hardware, software and integrated systems that excel in reliability, modularity and scalability.

The company’s products are developed and produced in Romania and tested in co-operation with our partners in the most demanding gaming environments, which can be upgraded according to their needs and desires. This approach requires exceptional reliability and wide applicability of products as well as high-quality of after-sales services. Newton builds its market success also on extremely competitive price –performance ratio of its products and services.

Founded by Dragos Buriu, a visionary in the gaming industry, the company employs dozens of specialists in development, support & maintenance, production and sales cooperating with a number of high ranking suppliers at a global scale.


Andrei Stanescu – Director of International Sales – EMEA: „Since we are devoted to our partners, by providing the best solutions for monitoring and growing the turnover, we highly recommend to all our partners that use slot-machines alleged to be counterfit, to replace those with Novomatic products, in very good terms and conditions.

As we are focused on providing the best-in-class hardware and software, we are planning the unveiling of our newest and safest product to date – the Cash Dispenser – the ultimate tower that embodies our core principles – D.S.F. – durability, security and functionality.

The constant difficulties operators encounter in finding and securing dedicated and trustworthy employees with responsible behavior towards the workplace, can be solved with the integration of the Cash Dispenser – the best solution to streamline the cash-flow process and make the staff more efficient, while reducing their workload, making cash-outs available on the slot machines, viewing them on the Cash Dispenser screen and through a card used only by the attendands, with all the security protocols in place.

Cash Dispenser – NEWTON

The Cash Dispenser is the ideal solution, allowing customers to receive cash-outs in complete confidentiality, and limiting or restricting all together the access of staff to the money, therefore removing the risk of fraud.

Another piece of equipment that can help you gain a complete grip and overview of your customer visits is one of the newest additions to our hardware portfolio –  the Player Access Interface – the ultimate tool needed in every venue.

A smart solution for a seamless registration of all visitors at the casino reception. With it our partners can capture and store a visitors photo, can their ID or Drivers License, and use the full list of features such as VIP alerts and blacklisting, while gathering all the relevant data that can be used for extensive analytics and reporting.

The utility of the Player Access Interface is shown on the casino pit, by reducing the time spend by empolyees in repetitive task, thus improving the experience provided to the clients, and increasing the chance of making them return customers.

The latest release that completes our TITO module, the Cash Desk Printer allows operators to streamline their in-house processes and procedures, by printing out tickets that the clients can use at their own convenience. This in turn increases overall customer satisfaction and increases staff productivity.


The Cash Desk Printer is the central piece  of the TITO module, that enables the creation of marketing campaigns and activities, that ensure our partners position on the market and provide the players with the best gaming experiences and services.

We continued by building on top of the existing Info Point, the new and improved Info Touch is a must-have for every operator that wants the best experience for their clients. The ultimate all-in-one terminat that will be installed in each location that the operator is managing, where their players can check at their convenience the accumulated points or raffle tickets in real time.

The sleek and attractive design can also be customized with a logo of your choice, that is now available only with the Contactless module, available with the state of the art touchscreen feature, that gives the players the chance to choose freely the promotion in which they would like to participate in, while it can also display additional promotional materials, making it even more useful for effective and focused marketing campaigns.

Our core values are embedded in our company’s DNA, and product features such as Durability, Security and Functionality provided to our partners matter most.

This and much more will be presented at EAE 2019, where we look forward to showing you why our products will help your organization reach new heights!


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