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Friday, 28 August 2015

NEWTON, the company maintaining on first place in the  top of preferences of all  organizers of slot-machine in Romania, does not cease to surprise their customers in increasingly pleasant ways .

NEWTON has recently announced an exclusive partnership with the Austrian company Amatic Industries.

Following this partnership, on the Romanian market you will soon see an invasion, both of slant-tops and up-rights, of new generation, products exclusively for our country.

Perhaps you remember how ten years ago, the Romanian market was dominated by games produced by Amatic. Now there is a comeback in force of one of the largest manufacturers of slot machines in Europe. The new game platforms will probably awaken memories of the old players, with games such as Fruit Poker, Bingo Star or Multi WIN.

These slots have already been tested by companies that occupy the first places among the organizers of land-based in Romania and we are talking here of halls  like Magic Games, Royal, Imperial, El Dorado and many others. New games brought by this partnership can casually compete with some of the most popular and purchased slots of today.

The new models Performer Grand Arc come with a simply staggering design. Thre version with  3 touch-screen monitors with a diagonal of 27 “gives players an amazing feeling. The new models are designed so that they can ensure comfort for all those who dedicate a long time to enjoy and play to such a slot-machine.

For Romania, the new slant-tops come with game programs both in English and Romanian language, providing a high degree of comfort in the player’s interaction with them.

Given that all organizers who have tried these games not only they continued with the orders, but also they promoted this this new profitable investment, we can only say that these games come very well for local customers typologies. Performer Grand Arc will rise, undoubtedly, your location to another level, providing a high degree of authenticity and visual comfort, transforming any location in a premium one simply by their simply placing.

Amatic Company offers besides new slant-top models also an upright version that comes with the same playing programs both in Romanian and in English language, for locations where the space is not generous. Up-Right version of the famous Austrian manufacturer is named Amatic Performer C22 and offers the same convenient method of interaction, with large monitors, touchscreen, which will make the delight of  all players.

Thus we can say that NEWTON is the company that really can provide complete solutions for any land-based operator, providing both monitoring and jackpot system voted by the public in Romania as being the “Best monitoring system in 2014” as also slot-machine versions of next-generation at advantageous prices and conditions.




AMATIC Industries is an Austrian company that operates in the international market of gambling. AMATIC is specialized in the production and development of high tech cabinets, multiplayer systems,terminals for  video lottery, jackpot and casino management systems.

Since the beginning of 1993, AMATIC Industries operates successfully in the international market of casino and gambling for more than 20 years. The main aim of this company is to combine the high quality production with cutting-edge technology and to increase international standards with their own products.

Today, nearly 90% of the production is performed for export. This huge demand underlines the high quality of AMATIC products.

The long experience with a global network of suppliers, partners and distributors, leads to a strong entry into the market and one of the best customer support departments. AMATIC adapt their products to the requirements and needs of each country and of each customer. This flexibility, along with a constant monitoring of requests from all areas, provides a strong competition in the international industry of casino and gaming.

Another important aspect is that AMATIC includes technical and operational security, showing responsibility towards the partners, associates, employees and players. As a consequence, the company focuses on responsible gaming, always maintaining a close relationship with the authorities, experts and scientists to ensure maximum safety for the player.

For additional information NEWTON SLOTS is available by email: and to telephone number (+40) 733 40 40 40.

Stand still with NEWTON to benefit from the latest news in the field.

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