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MEGA SLOTS is mega-fun!

Friday, 10 September 2021

Everything is mega at Mega Slots and, when you come with a concept focused on premium services and a mix of top games that will keep players connected to the devices, you can be sure that Mega Slots offers fun as part of the mandatory menu. No one is allowed to leave here without the maximum dose of good cheer!

Mega Slots

Optimal surface, maximum fun

The Mega Slots casino floor was opened on June 5 this year and is located in an area frequented by players from 4th district. The surface of the location is optimal for a successful casino floor because it has the best layout for the available space, while customers enjoy the privacy they want. The 200 square meters divided into two rooms offer players an atmosphere in which they can fully manifest their socializing intentions, it is known how much we all missed this to disconnect and relax. Mega Slots staff has thought well of the needs of the players and it is clear that they have a solid experience in this area. It is important to know your customers, especially in times of pandemic.

In the first room you will find the bar and some of the game equipment, and in the second room you will find the rest of the game equipment and the specially designed area for smokers!

Mega Slots location concept

The Mega Slots team always puts customers first because they are the most important. From the internal studies carried out by the Mega Slots team, corroborated with the experience gained over time, it was observed that the customers of the gambling locations place great emphasis on the quality of the services, comfort and diversity of gaming equipment, and interior design has become an important stimulating factor that convinces players to come back! In addition, with this location we wanted to try a new, more attractive, more mysterious concept to surprise the customers in a pleasant way! And so, since the hall was opened, from the beginning of June until now, I think this has been achieved, because the hall is always full, and we are in the middle of summer!

Mega Slots machine combo 

The slot machines operated here are the ones requested by the players. Nothing here was left to chance, everything was calculated taking into account the customer, so that in the location there are 40 game equipment in a varied mix, because Mega Slots wanted to make available to their customers a wide range of slot machines provided by the world’s largest manufacturers: Novomatic, EGT, IGT, CT Gaming.

At Mega Slots you can also enjoy mega-jackpots

It is known that not only the devices are important to have the most fun, but also, from now on, the indispensable jackpots.

At Mega Slots there are 4 types of jackpots in the location, each with 3 or 4 levels of winnings! A Mistery Jackpot system is connected to all gaming equipment on site, as well as Progressive Mistery systems for EGT, IGT or CT Gaming gaming equipment.

The Mega Slots team is mega-professional

The number of employees is constantly changing in our industry, and quality employees are very difficult to find, but Mega Slots has a team of professional people who have experience working with clients in this field and is an important component of the premium service concept. 20 employees serve this location and do so with great professionalism.

Mega Slots is a new brand that is developing in style

MegaSlots is a new brand that is going to develop both in Bucharest and in the country! With each open location, Mega Slots is committed to creating a friendly, welcoming setting and a unique custom design!

MEGA SLOTS is mega-fun!

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