MaxBet and SUUB offer extra minutes for a chance at life, to patients with serious health conditions!

Monday, 23 December 2019

On the long journey of life, we discover that time can be either our best friend, or our enemy, in moments when it freezes, contracts and expands according to unknown laws. In these moments, we trransform into spectators, depleted of resources to change anything. When health comes into discussion, time has shown us, unfortunately, that it can become our greatest enemy.

Knowing the needs of the healthcare system in Romania and being aware that a single second can save lives, we chose to get involved in building a Heliport at the University Emergency Hospital in Bucharest.


Challenges at every step

In 2015 we started the work plan and the financial support of the design and execution works for the concrete heliport platform, in order to land the rescue helicopters at SUUB.

All of these works also included light signage, fire warning system, radio communications station, flight guidance and signaling facilities. At this point of the project, the Heliport was meant to be built on the platform that already existe in the courtyard of the University Hospital.

However, following feasibility studies and, in particular, specific obstacle studies, it was found that the location of the Heliport in the hospital yard does not meet the requirements of the aeronautical regulation. The vegetation in the hospital area, the desire to operate it at night and the road traffic in the area were the main problems we faced in the beginning.

The construction is a project close to our hearts and we wanted from the first second in which we got involved to do everything we can to bring it to the end in a manner that would genuinely benefit patients and healthcare professionals alike. Therefore, after long discussions, in 2017, we decided together with the designers and the management of the hospital that the Heliport had to be built on the terrace of the C-body of the University Hospital. But the challenges didn`s stop here. In order to comply with the legislation, it is necessary for the Heliport to have two medical evacuation routes, namely, one to the elevator and one to the emergency ramp, and also a development scheme with the necessary personnel for the hospital providing for the maintenance of the Heliport.

With this in mind, we decided building an external elevator, on the F-body of the University Hospital, which would allow the medical team to transport patients faster to the C-access area, communicating directly with the Emergency Admission Unit. Also, the emergency evacuation required the construction of a metal footbridge, built on several sections and subsequently communicating with the surface of the existing footbridge on the 1st floor.

We obtained all the necessary documents for building the platform last year and we started working for what has now become a soul project for MaxBet.

A premiere for the medical units in Bucharest

Most of the time we refer to doctors as superheroes and we have the belief that they will save us. But what happens when a human’s life is no longer in the hands of doctors, but depends on the time needed for him to help? This was also the question we asked ourselves when we decided to get involved in the sponsorship of the Heliport, especially because we know every second matters when it comes to emergency interventions.

The construction of the Heliport on the Central Operator Block of the University Emergency Hospital of Bucharest has been successfully completed. Together with the team of designers and journalists, we assisted on November 13th to the first flight with the helicopter SMURD EC – 135 for calibrating landing devices at night. This was the last step in the operation of the specific devices and tools necessary for the operation of the Heliport.

“The completion of this unique Heliport in Bucharest is a proof that we care about people and it is a proof that it is possible. For us, the doctors, those who have sworn to save lives, this project is a dream come true. The new heliport will allow us to take on even more serious cases that will benefit from advanced medical care in the University Hospital. It is a successful project that sets a new standard of performance in the Romanian healthcare system”, declared Dr. Adriana Nica, manager of the University Emergency Hospital of Bucharest.

“The heliport on the terrace of the University Emergency Hospital of Bucharest represents a premiere for the medical units in Bucharest. It is a project funded entirely by MaxBet, with a value of 1 million euros.

It is our soul project, we are proud that we have been able to achieve it and we believe that it will remain a significant moment in the evolution of the Romanian medical system and we hope for a new standard.

For 15 years, MaxBet has been constantly investing in the Romanian healthcare system, investing in education and many other social and cultural projects from which all Romanians benefit. We invest for the good of the others! These CSR investments are part of the values that we respect, year by year, the amounts we donate are constantly increasing”, said Ioana Bazavan, Chief Operating Officer of MaxBet Group and Chief Operating Officer of MaxBet Romania.

We are glad that we were able to support and have a contribution to the healthcare system in Romania. We would like to thank all those who joined us at the time of the inauguration of the Heliport, on December 3rd.

The greatness of the project inspires us to believe that this date will hold a special significance to us, reminding us emotionally of the feelings that we experienced at the time we commited the Helipad to the Bucharest Emergency University Hospital by protocol: full satisfaction and happiness that we have managed to offer a chance to life for people in serious health conditions.

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