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Thursday, 7 March 2019

Max Loads is a leader in the gambling logistics market in our country and beyond. An increasing number of companies employ their services and appreciate their professionalism as well as the complex range of services addressing the most difficult tasks in order to ensure quality and punctual transportation under safe conditions and for a competitive fee, on every occasion. We sat down with the Director of this Company, Mr. Valentin Binder, and learned why it is so important for operators or manufacturers/importers of slot machines to commission professional logistics services and how Max Loads is able to give you the competitive advantage on a market as competitive as ours.

Valentin Binder

When and how did the story of Max Loads begin?

The story began with the foundation of the company, in July 2016, with a team of seasoned aficionados of handling expensive and sensitive equipment. As for myself, I have been working in this field for 20 years, the largest portion of which I have spent in Western Europe where this niche has been in place for many years, unlike in our country, where it is still in its early days.

Max Loads

What services do you provide, in general? What is the scope of your business?

We operate in 3 distinct business sectors, namely: mega-truck transport, traditional road transport and specialized transport of high-tech equipment, including set-up, mounting, installation, packaging recovery, training for the end customers, maintenance services, storage services, equipment return and packaging services, etc.

What can you tell us about the logistics services you provide for the gambling industry in Romania?

Our services are related to international road transport, namely, slot machines import, but especially, and I believe this is what sets us apart from other actors in the market, a whole range of high-tech handling equipment – set-up, return, storage, equipment packaging, etc.

Why do you think the gambling companies should commission Max Loads’ services? What are the advantages?

I believe the degree of professionalism in this industry has reached very high standards, and that this is definitely one of the most dynamic and performing industries in Romania. This is why, I believe, they need a partner that would achieve these standards – in terms of equipment, personnel training or personnel’s appearance before the customers.

Why is it better to commission the services of a specialized company to transport gambling equipment rather than using your own resources?

This question has a lot to do with the degree of modernization in a company as well as the scarcity of human resources, which has become more and more frequent in our country. I strongly believe we should all stick to what we know best, and I also believe that resources should be used where they are likely to bring and generate the highest value. Obviously, gambling technicians will not add value by transporting or setting up machines, not even if they are carrying it up the stairs with 2 of their colleagues to, say, the first floor. They are specialized in something else entirely and definitely lack the machine handling ability of skilled workers. This is where we come in. We are quickly taking slot machines or roulettes or any piece of specialized equipment to the location of their installation.

Please tell us about the Max Loads team.

I’d love to, because these people have been with me ever since I started this business in Romania. Many of them have been our collaborators for 7 years. Ours is a dedicated, loyal and professional team who have gained a vast expertise over these years and represent us in an exemplary manner before our customers, and our customers before their customers. The fact each of us knew what to do helped us grow quickly and healthily as a company. The Max Loads team currently has 50 members.

What about the Max Loads fleet and equipment?

Our current flees is made of 9 vehicles, 6 lifting vehicles with bodywork of 3.5 tons and 3 lifting trucks of 7.5 tons, also with bodywork. Together with our subcontractors, we own 20 vehicles in 3 different locations across the country: in Bucharest, Alba Iulia and Timișoara. I should also mention that the standard crew is made of 2 individuals per vehicle, for a safe handling of the equipment. We also own handling equipment consisting, among others, of electrical lyses for stairs for handling equipment up to 650 kg, hydraulic frames for the wheeled handling of heavy and sensitive equipment, etc. We also have mega trucks, but this is a discussion for another time because I do not know of any slot machines in this field being so large as to require mega trucks. If they will be invented, we will transport them, too. We are prepared for anything…

Max Loads

The gambling industry is booming and it is an extremely competitive market. Do you have customers from this industry, how did you manage to satisfy their needs and requirements?

We have been working with some big companies from this industry since the beginning and we have successfully satisfied their requirements. We have developed ambitious projects involving over 10 vehicles at a time for one operation for a single customer and everything went smoothly. The fact we have longstanding and permanent collaborations with our customers in itself is, in my opinion, telling of the quality of our services. This means they are satisfied.

What are Max Loads’ plans for the future?

Maybe our most important plan is to develop our own warehouse in Bucharest. Also, the renewal of our fleet vehicles is among our priorities in the upcoming period. Regarding our business, we wish to promote our services as well as the added value they can bring.


“Max Loads is responding enthusiastically to each of our requests for transportation of equipment, proving availability and interest. Their skilled personnel addressed our needs in a prompt manner, for each of our requests. Their professionalism as well as the quality of their services allowed us to tackle our most difficult tasks and ensure quality and punctual transportation under safe conditions and for a competitive fee.” Cătălin Constantin, Technical Director, Merkur Gaming Distribution


“We have enjoyed a steady and longstanding collaboration with the Max Loads carrier because we have always benefited from quality services and unquestionable promptness. Due to the personal and professional skills of their team, they provided the support we needed, where necessary. So we thank them and wish them to keep up the good work.”  Cristian Bălașa, Development Manager NOVOMATIC Romania.

Max Loads


Max Loads is a growing company that brings together a team of professionals with expertise in the logistics industry, the transport of equipment, the installation and moving of expensive assets and the mega-truck transport.

Max Loads provides complete and customized solutions with performing and specialized machinery for the delivery of equipment and expensive assets and for mega-truck transport. They have the advantage of flexibility and efficiency and they bring a real benefit to their customers.

12/24 Support

Max Loads provides a thorough planning of details regarding the specifics and needs of your transport. You will be supported by professionals who will promptly address your every inquiry.

Complete Logistics Services

Max Loads provides equipment storage, transport and mounting services, promptly and thoroughly. They also provide unloading services with top quality machinery that guarantee the security of equipment and good execution times.


Max Loads offers its expertise on the legal framework of special deliveries of devices and expensive assets and mega-truck transport. You will benefit from obtaining the required permits, and from transport insurance, based on an insurance policy.

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