Matt Goss, the new king of Vegas

Tuesday, 7 May 2019


“The new King of Vegas”, as Matt Goss was named, left the group that made him famous worldwide, Bros, and he gave fabulous Vegas a shot. A well played card if we look at all the appraisal he has already received for his famous shows: “The best show in Vegas”, according to LA Times, “Matt Goss brings back the charm of orchestras”, writes Casino Player magazine, “The show that knows how to entertain its audience”, according to Vegas Player publication.

Matt Goss is the proof that an artist can reinvent himself at any point of his career, even after 20 years after he became known alongside his twin brother Luke, in the Bros band. Matt succeeded, in very little time, to make the headlines of the most famous resorts in the world, and as a thank you for his talent, he got the key to the city of Las Vegas.

Matt Goss

Frank Sinatra lives through Matt Goss

Matt Goss began his career in 1986 in England alongside his brother Luke, in the famous British band Bros. The two rose to fame due to the song “When will I be famous?”, a question to which Matt got an answer after more than two decades. The two brothers split up after only six years, and Matt focused on his solo career. “There is life after Bros and fame after a recording which hit no. 1. It was an amazing moment, but I have moved on, I am glad to be a man that can entertain a diverse audience”, said Matt.

Due to his voice, he got the name British Frank Sinatra. In 2010, he was showing tourists in Las Vegas why Frank Sinatra is still alive in “the city of fun”. Dressed elegantly, in a suit and bow tie, his hair well done, Matt Goss throws a show every time he picks up the microphone. “It is an honor for me to be part of the rich history of Caesars Palace entertainment. The Las Vegas audience is extremely kind to me and I am excited about my show continuing to grow, which allows me to share my passion with the fans”, declared Goss in a press release.

Matt Goss is a reputed artist in Vegas and due to the elements that contribute to his shows: from barely dressed sexy dancers, from which you cannot take your eyes away, called Dirty Virgins, to the orchestra made up of numerous musicians that accompanies him on the stage, there is no wonder that Matt Goss’ shows are described as a “have to see” if you are in town. Celebrities like Nicholas Cage, Jason Statham, Nicole Scherzinger, Mel B or even Kim Kardashian have reached this conclusion for themselves.

The key to the city and his own day

After seven years during which he was the main act in the Caesars Palace shows, Matt Goss moved to the well known The Mirage Hotel & Casino, were he performs shows that are still sold out today. “His musical talent and his stage presence make Matt Goss unique in the world. His new home shall bring something completely special to the experience lived by our guests at The Mirage, and fans will we thrilled to spend time in this intimate place”, stated Franz Kallao, the general manager of The Mirage.

As a sign of gratitude for bringing even more eyes on Las Vegas, in 2018, Matt received the key to the city, an even more significant honor as it was offered to a British man, willing to fulfill the “American dream”. Furthermore, at his anniversary show celebrating 100 shows, with tears in his eyes, he received the news that the 8th of August shall be renamed “Matt Goss Day”. “To hear that I’ll have my own day, which coincides with my mother’s birthday and to receive the key to the city after having won the Icon Award at Caesars Palace, bestows such an honor upon me”, declared Matt Goss last year.

International fame

Many extremely positive things have been said about Matt as a result of his shows in Las Vegas which give a new fresh scent to the town mostly know for gambling and luxurious hotels. The Daily Mirror said that Matt Goss has “one of the best shows you will ever see”. Kenny Ortega believes that “Matt’s voice has no equivalent in today’s music industry”. “The new cool king and the Sinatra of this century”, the Digital Journal publication wrote.

So, if you’re ever in Las Vegas, you have to go see Matt’s shows. It will be a fantastic night, that you’ll remember for a long time. The shows are every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, and tickets start from $50 and can reach $120.



by Paul Dan

Author: Editor

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