Marketing on the Subconscious Level, the Influence of Music and Scents in the Gambling Business

Thursday, 24 March 2016

On 25th February within Georgia Gaming Congress, Tbilisi head of the company STORM MEDIA that offers complete audio & video and aroma-marketing solutions Edgar Isaakyan was one of the main speakers, delivering his presentation on the topic “Marketing on the Subconscious Level, the Influence of Music and Scents in the Gambling Business”. Hereby we present to your attention Edgar Isaakyan’s presentation on this important topic that will, for sure, interest the representatives of the Romanian gambling business.


Audio-marketing is a direction, if not a separate science, that analyses the impact of the music on the customers’ behavior. Music affects on our mood, consciousness and behavior, prompting us to perform certain actions. The impact can be as positive as well as negative. The marketing specialists started to manipulate the potential of the music, this way giving a birth to the direction called audio-marketing.

For a long time already the music has been used as an instrument to increase the sales. The ambiental music playlist should be created very carefully. Creation of the playlist must not be realized by the employees based on their preferences, the radio and TV channels either are not a good solution for the commercial spaces, as it can cause the customers’ dissatisfaction. Correctly created music playlist lets us manipulate the mood, create proper atmosphere and increase the time spent by the customer in your space. Several years ago audio-marketing was not being considered as an important marketing tool, but at the current stage of development the reality is radically different – the right ambiental music is a very important tool to increase the sales.

Majority of casinos look alike and from this perspective right audio-marketing strategy is also a useful tool to emphasize individuality. In order to understand the huge potential music has, let’s underline the latter’s main 3 functions: representative, influential and creative.

The first function – representative. The music you broadcast in your space transmits information about yourself. Each business is individual, at least should be aimed at having an individual signature to differ from others and to be recognizable. Personalized music playlist created by the specialists will help you to emphasize your individuality.

The second function – influential. Entering commercial spaces we, as a rule, spent more time in the places where we feel comfortable. Usually these are the commercial spaces where correctly created music background is in harmony with the interior design.

And the third function – creative. With the right music we can create proper atmosphere and mood.

There several music directions that are used by marketing specialists. Indie fits for the fashionable stores; Lounge is a universal genre and fits for the waiting halls, cafes, stores, etc;   Pop – for food stores and clothing stores for adults. Casual is used for stores with no special target group (mixes of hits of different directions and generations); dance – goes with youth clothing stores; business – is the proper music for jewelry stores, classic and expensive clothing stores, business centers, halls (includes genres, such as jazz, trip-hop, etc ). For casinos the best solution would be deep vocal house.

Correctly created music playlist for each individual casino pursue the following objectives:

  • Creation of personal signature. In order to be recognizable the ambiental music should be in harmony with the following factors – service; illumination, scents, interior design, target group, etc.
  • Impact the customers’ behavior. With the help of correctly created music playlist you can relax your customers and make prompt them to spend more time in your space
  • Improvement of staff services. Your staff also gets tired and nervous. Correctly created playlist will help your staff fell more fresh and calm.

Majority consider special radio channels or playlists created by themselves as a solution, which is nothing else but a delusion.


  • Radio channels distract the customers. News, conversations between the DJs don’t let them to concentrate.
  • Radio channels annoy. Bad quality of the songs, different genres, rhythmicity and moods can generate negative emotions.
  • Others’ advertisings in your territory. Radio channels earn from the advertisings. Frequently broadcasted advertisings annoy your customers, besides there is a risk that your competitors’ advertisings can be broadcasted in your territory.
  • Radio channels and nonprofessionally created playlist will impact your image negatively.

Harmony of the image is the recipe for success. Hence, it is concluded that only specialists of audio-marketing should create the music background. They analyze the target group, specificities of the space and only then create the music playlist, the optimal volume and equipment. The playlist must be flexible, changing the rhythmicity on the basis of time of day and other factors.

Correctly created music background emphasizes individuality of your casino among your competitors. Also it is very important to understand that in order to get maximum effect it is not enough only to broadcast professionally created music playlist. From this perspective huge importance has the quality of the sound, means proper sound equipment and its right installation.

Various marketing researches and polls show the link between music in commercial spaces and commercial benefits.

–           Gross sales increase due to in-store music

–           22 min increase of the time spent  as a result perceived good music fit with the space image;

–           91% of customers’ readiness to spend money is  affected by music;

–           Using music to reinforce a positive experience can lead to increased loyalty to a brand.

Only in the spaces where the music background is created professionally it will be possible to create proper psychological atmosphere that will keep the customers inside and stimulate them to come back again and again.

With regard to the aroma-marketing we can say that alongside with audio-marketing at the current stage of development it has become an important element of successful business. The main purpose of aroma-marketing is to impact the customers’ emotions. Managing their emotions you control their behavior.

We interact with the world through the five senses and use them to get amazing experiences: images, sounds,  touches, tastes and scents. The sense of smell is one of the most effective ways to increase customers’ pleasurable sensations. Scent is the most powerful tool to communicate with customers on an emotional level and the level of memories.

The most important element of the scent is its WELCOMING FUNCTION that is of great psychological potential. The first impression about your space is formed right on the doorstep based on the emanating scent. This function gives the scent a huge importance as there will never be the second chance to make the first impression. That’s why the scent devices, as a rule, are installed right at entrances/exits.

According to the results of the researches held by Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland, scent can:

  • increase the time spent by customer in a commercial space by 15-20%;
  • increase the profit by 10-30%;
  • reduce stress by 20-30%;
  • increase re-attendance by 15-20%;
  • improve productivity twice;
  • neutralize all unwanted odors to 100%.


The scientific circles in the Western societies constantly analyze scents, discovering new potentials. According to the joint research of the Rutger University, The sense of smell institute and The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation

  • People are 100 times more likely to remember something they smell than something they see, hear or touch;
  • Sense of smell is 60% accurate after a year while visual memory is 40%;
  • Scent can enhance energy and mood by 40% when exposed to pleasant scents.

The scents used in any commercial space should be natural and safe unlike cheap aerosols in order not to cause allergies or side effects in case of contact with food.

It is also very important to emphasize that the scent must not be intensive. In casinos it is better to install the scent device at the doorstep as the customers’ first impression is formed right at the entrance, generating long-lasting, positive and emotional memory.

Concluding the foregoing, we can state that correct selection of the audio and aroma backgroung in your casino will play an important role from the perspective of individuality and recogniziblity of your brand.  Audi – and aroma-marketing that entered the sector of gambling business from the retail sector at the current stage of development is an integral part of the given business activity.

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