Marius Lacatus, Get’s Bet Ambassador: “I’m happy to be the image of a serious company, with 100% Romanian capital”

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

The great legend of Steaua during the ‘80s -‘90s has become the official ambassador of the Get’s Bet brand. We present to you a special interview with the big champion, in which you will find out exclusive things about him and his career, and how he sees this new adventure.   

Marius Lacatus

Why did you choose to become a Get’s Bet partner?

First of all, they were the first to propose this to me. I could tell from the talks we had that they are a serious company, with 100% Romanian capital, with young people who are eager to affirm themselves, and of course, I also thought that it would be a good thing for me and my image, as well as for them, if we were to collaborate. How long will this collaboration last, it remains to be seen.

What’s your opinion about the gambling industry in our country?

I’m not so “crazy” about betting, yet I see that it is something that has caught on rather well. It gives those interested the possibility of winning pretty nice amounts.  However, the best thing for them is to be temperate in their betting. Yet, I see that there are many players that have won as a result of betting.

Do you think that the possibility of betting makes the sports competition more entertaining?

I believe so. There are many betting houses which are sponsors for several football teams. I believe the more the betting houses will get involved in sports, not just in football, the more they will be able to help the Romanian sport in general.

Get’s Bet supports responsible game, getting actively involved in this respect. Why do you believe it is important that people have fun with gambling in such a way that everything remains entertainment and nothing more?

Every person wishes to do something different from what they usually do every day, every week, to escape the routine and normality when they wish to relax, to have fun, and if they do that in a pleasant way, if they like it, then that’s even better. However, the most important thing is that it remains entertainment, and that it does not turn into addiction.

Which do you believe was the greatest success of your career?

Winning the European Champions Cup and the Europe Supercup, of course, but that would not have happened without winning the national championship… that’s how we arrive at the 10 championship won with Steaua.

How did you begin playing football in your youth?

Back then, coaches used to come to the sports clubs, to the schools. I went to School no. 6 in Brasov and, every week, before the physical education class, various coaches used to come to the school, once for football, once for handball, once for basketball… And once they came from Steagul Rosu, for football; the coaches from the children and juniors’ club, and that’s how I got selected. A number of pupils were selected then and we were asked if we wanted to practice football in an organized manner. I enjoyed it and since then, I stayed at Steagul Rosu.

What do you believe were the qualities the coaches saw in you back then?

It’s tougher to figure out a fourth grader’s qualities. Slowly, in time, these qualities probably come to light. However, I believe it’s important that these young people really want to do this, to practice a sport. Without this desire, all other talents – availability to effort or others, become useless.

Do you believe Romanians still practice sports like they used to?

If we take a look at the results gotten in sports lately, we will see that, unfortunately, there are few sports-persons that succeed in performing at a higher level. And this is also reflected in the manner in which sports are practice at national level. Therefore, sports aren’t what they used to be.

In your opinion, why didn’t Gigi Becali and Clubul Sportiv al Armatei get along?

I’ll tell you what I know. Gigi Becali, the moment the renting agreement for the field expired, didn’t want to pay the amount requested by Clubul Sportiv al Armatei; so, he left, in the context in which he made certain statements that offended the club’s management and that’s how the relationship ended. After that, the trials started in which the two parties were involved, and this situation resulted from them.

Why did you choose to become a coach?

As most players, when you get closer to the end of your career, you know that there’s something else that is to be done: either start managing clubs, or you stick to the grass and become a coach. As I don’t like sitting at a desk, I chose coaching and I believe I made a good choice.

Which coaching philosophy is closer to your heart: Mourinho or Guardiola? Defensive or more offensive?

It’s obvious that one cannot work without the other… No coach neglects these two aspects. I like both, although I’d be more inclined toward the Portuguese, especially because he was also on the Real Madrid team, which I am a fan of.

Did you have any hesitation before accepting to be the Get’s Bet ambassador, especially that our industry is confronted with an image deficit?

I thought about the impact this will have on players that participate in sports betting and on mass-media, in general, and the manner in which certain people might think about it and I saw no issues. It is a decision I assume fully and I do not regret this step, the gambling industry being an industry just like all the others.

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