Marius Câmpan: ” My result at the 2016 PCA motivates me to fight even harder to fulfill my dream of winning an EPT title”

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

An excellent result came to our attention to the beginning of this year. The Side-Event # 47 No Limit Hold’em – Triple Flipout Elimination of the 2016 PCA was won  by Marius Câmpan. The financial gain he had obtained is not high, but the result itself is commendable, especially since it is a PCA title. More about his Caribbean adventure and his vision on poker you will find in the following interview, directly from the protagonist.


How did poker become part of your life?

I play 5 cards poker since childhood, and in 2009, I was introduced to Texas Hold’em by some friends.


What attracted you to this game?

Beauty, game dynamics, competition.


What is poker for you? Is it a hobby or a profession?

If in the past it was just a hobby, I can say that about 3 years it has become a profession.


How much time do you spend playing poker each day?

The average should be about 6 to 8 hours a day.


What kinds of poker are you playing frequently? Which ones do you like to play more and why?

Omaha Pot Limit and Texas Hold’em Nl. I like to play Omaha Pot Limit more because in the last period of time (about 1 year) they play it frequently at the Royal Poker Club in Cluj-Napoca, which I visit very often, many recreational players prefer Omaha Pot Limit due to the adrenaline and the dynamics of this type of poker, and for a professional poker player it is a good way to increase their bankroll. Internationally, in cash games, I noticed a huge increase in the number of Omaha Pot Limit players compared to Texas Holdem Nl.


What do you prefer, online or live poker? Tournaments or cash games?

I definitely prefer live poker, especially tournaments, but I also play pretty much Omaha Pot Limit, cash.


I believe the poker clubs market has stabilized now. Do you think the number of poker players will continue to follow an upward trend or will stagnate?

Following my almost daily presence at the 2 poker clubs in Cluj-Napoca (Royal and Rounders) I can say that the number of poker players will continue to follow an upward trend, which is largely due to management and professionalism with which the administration of the two clubs promotes poker.


How do you comment on the future of poker in Romania taking into account the current field of players who are becoming more and more experienced?

Poker in Romania had a spectacular evolution recenty, with the legalization of the poker clubs, given that the current field of players is growing and becoming more experienced, I think that in the future the successes at the international level will be more frequent and important (an EPT, WPT or WSOP title)!


The online sites were legalized in our country. Do you think this will lead to an explosion of the number of online poker players?

With the legalization of online poker and the very good results obtained by the Romanian players online, I think the number of online poker players will increase significantly.


What are your strengths at the poker table, in your opinion?

My strengths at the table are patience, intuition, trust.


You have obtained an important result at PC this year – 1st place at the Side-Event 47 No Limit Hold’em – Flipout Triple Elimination. You did not won a big prize, but this is a PCA trophy that you brought into our country. What does this result mean to you and how it will motivate you in the future?

Yes, it is a PCA title, and this result means a lot to me, although the financial prize was not large, but it motivates me even more to fight to fulfill my dream of winning an EPT title.


What should a poker player do in order to achieve good results constantly?

To study as much as possible, to play as many tournaments as possible, so one can progress at the same time with the evolution of poker, and in this way one can get good results constantly.

Where do you see poker in your future plans?

Considering how much I love poker I am convinced that it will have an important role in my future plans. I hope to have some of the same support in the future from my wife and children to whom I want to thank in particular for being there for me the entire time, I thank my family and my friends.


What other passions do you have besides poker?

Traveling, football, movies and spending as much time as possible with my family!

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