Marina Bay Sands Singapore, the new definition of extraordinary

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Text: Alexandra Mogin

Marina Bay Sands is more than a resort of the exotic Singapore. It is the only place in the world, where not only you have the opportunity to experience a new dimension of gambling in the most elegant style, but you could also have the fortune to walk through clouds and relax in the only infinite pool in the world.

Surreal Attractions

Marina Bay Sands, the luxury resort of Mariana Bay, is a project of Las Vegas Sands and is considered to be the most expensive property of a casino worldwide, being estimated to approximately $ 8 billion.

The three hotels with a height of 55 floors, united by a „heavenly” platform named Sands Sky Park that has a surface of 1 hectare, single out Marina Bay Sands.  Undoubtedly, this is the most popular attraction, thanks to the „infinite pool”, which is the largest suspended pool in the world.  The pool is designed so, that its 146 meters long margin seems to be missing and this obtains the illusion of an infinite pool. In addition, the pool is located 191 meters above the ground. Sky Park also has numerous restaurants, night clubs, gardens lush with hundred of trees and plants, and a panoramic platform with a 360⁰ view over the Singapore’s skyline.

In front of these hotels you can find the theatre, the conference and exhibition building and the Marina Bay Sands casino offering over 1000 game tables and 1400 slot machines. In this resort you can also find The Science and Art Museum build as a lotus shape with a retractable roof, which if it is closed during the day, offers a beautiful view of a waterfall due to the rainwater it collects inside, and when it is opened during nighttime, you can admire a laser show. The Museum hosts the greatest show of lights and water in the Southeast Asia.

Shopping enthusiasts will believe they have arrived in heaven, for Marina Bay Sands offers 93,000 m² of retail space where they can shop from luxury dealerships as Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Cartier and Prada. The construction is crossed by a river channel, in the Venetian style of Las Vegas. Through an underwater tunnel you can reach one of the two Crystal pavilions, which hosts the largest Louis Vuitton dealership, a floating island of 1,900 m². Two major night clubs: Avalon and Pangaea are established in the other Crystal pavilion.

Marina Bay Sands Casino

The Sands Casino in Singapore, officially opened on 27th of April 2011, it is arranged on 4 game levels and consists of a 15,000 m² gaming area. You can find here the largest crystal chandelier in the world, having 132,000 Swarovski crystals.

The Sands Singapore guarantees a new experience in gambling. The four game levels have different features and are named as follows:

  • Main Casino Floor – high limit (smoking area)
  • Atrium 1 Casino ( non-smoking area)
  • Atrium 2 Ruby
  • Atrium 3 Paiza – Access is restricted only to members of the high-end Paiza Club. Membership in this club can only be obtained following an invitation.

Having three gaming levels opened for the public and over 2,500 slot machines, the casino offers a wide range consisting of the latest and most popular machine games worldwide. The collection contains over 250 titles and themes to choose from. The players can enjoy a wide range of video betting games, reel games, Roulette or Sic-Bo. The slot machines offer many types of jackpot games, including Progressive Jackpots, where the amounts may increase along with the game play.

Marina Bay Sands Casino also offers a various range of table games fit for every type of player, from simple but challenging games as Money Wheel, to more alert ones, as the fast and stimulating game of Roulette. Casino’s chips are used for all table games. The casino consists of 500 tables with different bet limits, for Baccarat, Sic-Bo, Roulette, Singapore Stud-Poker, Non Commission Baccarat and Money Wheel. In addition, you can play High Limit, Ruby and Paiza Specials to more than 200 tables, most of these games being located in the exclusive salons of the upper floors.

Rapid Tables Games give a truly challenging experience, as a combination between the dealer’s presence and the live game, but with an electronic betting interface. The players place the bets on the computerized table using a touch screen, and all the financial calculations are instantly solved at the end of each game. This is highly challenging and alert gambling.

Visiting regulations of the Casino

Access to the casino is allowed only to persons older than 21 years.

Citizens and permanent residents of Singapore must pay a fee of $100 for 24 hours or $ 2,000 per year if they wish to visit the casino. There are also different in and out access doors dedicated to them.

Visitors from abroad must offer documents which can demonstrate that they are not citizens or of Singapore.

To visit the casino the players must respect a dress code that does not allow seaside wear clothing and shoes or any other beach accessories. The agreed style is the smart-casual one.


  • Singapore is an island city-state and the smallest country in the Southeast Asia.
  • The Grand Opening of Marina Bay Sands took place on February 11, 2011.
  • The casino consists of 4 levels and offers over 1000 game tables and 1400 slot machines.
  • Access to the casino is allowed only to persons older than 21 years.

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