Manny Kess has the keys to “Sin City”!

Thursday, 3 May 2018

by Paul Dan


Las Vegas, the City of lights, dreams and sins The City where one can go poor and leave rich, or the other way around. There are no limits to its mirage. For many, it is the Mecca of gambling, for others, the Heaven of entertainment. But some want it all. A memorable gambling experience, entertainment, food, and luxury hotels. Manny Kess, a New Yorker who guarantees the success of this recipe, comes to their aid.


Let me introduce you to Manny Kess


Let’s meet the man who has the keys to Vegas! Manny Kess is the General Manager of Kess Group, a VIP and Events Service company, who knows best what a great party means in the City that never sleeps, whatever the venue. One way or another, everything it’s at its best. From day-clubs to nightclubs, from hotels to restaurants. Basketball superstars, famous hockey or football players, in a nutshell young and filthy rich, they all want what Manny has to offer. The title for best VIP host awarded by Viva Vegas TV in 2015 came to crown his achievements.


How does Manny Kess know everything that moves in Vegas


Are you familiar with the famous TV series Ballers featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, where his character works with sports superstars and lives big, travelling everywhere? Kess lives as big, too. Why does Manny Kess know it all? It’s very simple: whenever a new club or restaurant is opened, their owners would want him there, to see for himself and experience the full package offered to guests, because this is the only way he could take a VIP there. A photo of a football star at a table posted in social media can worth more than a full-fledged advertising campaign.


Las Vegas is one of the most popular destinations worldwide. But it can be just as easy a city that gives you a poor and overpriced alcohol hangover if you don’t know your way around. This is exactly why there are people like Manny. This City has some special for everybody, whether in Vegas for an unforgettable bachelor party, or just to hang out with the boys.


Clubs for every taste


In the fabulous Las Vegas, there is only one genuine sports bar – Lagasse Stadium, in the Venetian, all the others being rather a “hybrid” mix of sport and lounge, such as Clique Lounge, in the Cosmopolitan, or Still Inside the Mirage. Hip-hoppers meet in the nightclub Drains, where many of their favorite artists can be seen performing. The lovers of house music favor the clubs Omnia and XS. Marquee, Hakkasan, Hyde and other clubs have celebrities among their guests every week.

The Kess Group comes to lend a helping hand to all who seek an unforgettable experience in Vegas. But to be part of the most extravagant parties in the world, guests can end up waiting up to 2-3 hours. And there is no guarantee that once, you will be seated or enjoy the best possible services. Here is where Manny and his team step in, becoming hosts. Whoever gets to be hosted by the Kess Group will not worry anymore about waiting in queue outside the club, and will be guaranteed best seats and personal security. Professionalism, quality and reliability are the keywords Many Kess has been guided by since he established one of the best hosting companies in the world.

The excellent services provided by the company are recognized, and his customers have provided him with very good feedback.

“The Kess Group makes you feel at home. Ever since I have been working with them, my experience of the Sin City went at heights I couldn’t have ever imagined”, said Maurice Jones-Drew, former football player, and currently an analysis of the NFL.

“Manny has the key to the City”, said James Ihedigbo, 2013 Super Bowl winner with Baltimore Ravens.

“It is a pleasure to work with Many; professionalism is the key word of his work”, admitted Jonathan Vilma, NFL champion with New Orleans Saints.

Popular across all media

Known not only by athletes, the Kess Group can satisfy the wishes of everybody. “Every time we go to Vegas, the only person who needs to known about this Manny. He can arrange a private room and VIP services for our dinner”. “The Kess Group makes it all possible. Manny got us tickets to a box fight which was sold out. And not only that we got the best seats, we were drove to the venue in a limo”, recall those wo used the services of the Kess Group.

Manny Kess: “Many don’t understand that connections and acquaintances matter the most in Las Vegas, and then money pump up and consequently the VIP Host services. A lot of people have money, but only few have also connections. I does not matter how money one is ready to spend. Those who work in Vegas have most likely seen others spend more. A VIP Host company makes arrangements and caters for all types of needs. We meet the needs of 75% of the NFL players”.


Manny’s tips


For Vegas goers, it is critical that they plan ahead. Then, there are some tips they need to consider.

– Learn which are the busiest weekends or periods and try to avoid them: (CES) Consumer Electronics Show, the Real Estate Convention, the Labor Day, the National Rodeo finals;

– When you search for accommodation, don’t narrow your search to the luxury hotels downtown, on Strip. For the same money, you can get larger apartments close to center;

– If you want to gamble in casinos, open a credit line before arriving to leave the impression that you are willing to spend a lot. The casino does not know your intention, but they will definitely treat your better, and even offer you tickets to the next big show hosted in their the auditoriums.

– Book your reservations in time when you plan to go to a club. This will save you of the queue outside. It would be best to book a table.

– Day and nightclubs are the same, except for the fewer clothes. Here, the best parties in Las Vegas happen. Remember: spend more time in a dayclub than in a night one. So, take it easy with the alcohol.

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