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Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Romanian lottery is a traditional institution of the Romanian society; at its 104 years anniversary, the lottery remains one of the most valuable Romanian brands.

The Romanian lottery develops its national interest gambling activity with the specific purpose of creating an organized framework for meeting the natural gaming demands of the population, as well as creating the necessary funds for financing the Romanian objectives.

According to the law in force, CN “Romanian Lottery” SA organizes and operates lotto games and mutual bets on the Romanian territory, and the profit obtained is distributed according to the legal regulations in force.

Product portfolio

The Romanian Lottery promotes the responsible gaming, providing the highest security and integrity standards.

In its attempt of satisfying the expectations of all the players, the Romanian Lottery constantly diversifies its product portfolio.

The star game of the Romanian Lottery is Lotto 6/49, which was launched on the market in 1993; it has registered the largest number of players, as well as the most important winnings.

Other products enjoyed by the gaming amateurs are Noroc, Joker and Lotto 5/40.

For the lottery ticket, the Romanian Lottery has a very large offer and awards: the traditional lottery ticket, as well as the most recent scratch cards. “Zodiac” is on top of the players’ preferences.

The portfolio of the company also notes the modern variant of the ancient lottery formula: the passive lottery. Annually, the Romanian Lottery organizes at least one competition of this kind with important awards, mostly generous amounts. A good example is the passive lottery organized this year during the summer vacation- Vacation Lottery, a competition with 300 winning awards with an estimated 600.000 lei awards. The most recent passive lottery game, recently launched by the Romanian Lottery, is “Christmas Lottery” with 169 awards with an estimated value of 290.00 lei.

For the mutual betting generally based on the football games within certain national Championships in Europe, as Spain and Italy, the Romanian Lottery has an important number of loyal players for Pronosport and Prono S.

The newest lottery product is the betting game “Pariloto” on fixed quota that challenges the other similar products offered by the private sports betting houses.

Profit for the community!

Ever since the opening, in 1906, the main mission of the Romanian Lottery was to get involved in projects and activities that focus on the unprivileged categories within the Romanian society, with an important role in financing certain key sectors of the Romanian society: health, social assistance, education, culture and sport.

At the moment, the net profit of the company is distributed for designing the objective of national interest, established by the Govern Urgent Ordinance no. 159/ 1999, approved by Law no.288/2001, with following regulations. Thus, a minimum 60% quota of the net profit of the company per year is destined to the construction of social residences, sports halls and polyvalent sports arena. According to the Law 186/2003, the annual net profit afferent to the sports betting activity goes to the National Authority for Sport and Youth in order to finance the sports activity.

At the same time, the Romanian Lottery assigns important amounts to sponsorship activities. The players of the Romanian Lottery can consider twice lucky: first for the awards and winnings of the game, and second for their contribution to the construction of public interest objectives as well as for the support of the less lucky once.

The Romanian Lottery brings luck in people’s homes!

The value of the awards offered by the Romanian Lottery is increasing every year. In 2010, the Romanian Lottery offered over 6.500.000 awards with an estimated value of over 154 million Euros.

We wish to be as close as possible to our clients wherever they are, and therefore the Romanian Lottery has developed the largest sales network. We work with our own agencies, but also with mandatory agencies. The sales network of the Romanian Lottery has now a number of 1920 agencies.

We are very preoccupied in satisfying the expectations of our clients and we are convinced that the safety of the games we are offering, as well as the promotion of the responsible gaming are the essential elements to achieve the objectives of our company.

This year, the Romanian Lottery has been declared, for the fourth year consequently, the most valuable Romanian brand by the European Brand Institute in Vienna.

We would like to remind the fact that the Romanian lottery has been declared for the fourth year consequently the most valuable Romanian brand by the European Brand Institute in Vienna.

It has also received the distinction for “5 years of continuous performance” within the Romanian Awards Gala Top 100, dedicated to the companies that invest for the development of the community and bring an important financial contribution to the objectives of national interest.

On the 2009 companies top made by the Commerce and Industry Chamber of Bucharest, the Romania Lottery was no. 1 on “Extra large companies” section and it has succeeded in keeping no.1 position on the top of the companies within Sector 4.

The Romanian lottery is no.23 on the Top of the most valuable companies in Romania, top realized in 2010 by Financiarul magazine, in cooperation with Capital Partners Investment house. This year, the Romanian Lottery has climbed three positions towards last year, when it was on position no. 26

According to the same top the value of the company is almost 504 million Euros, with an increasing percent of 3.27 towards 2009, when the value was 488 million dollars, and with 7. 24% increase than 2008, when the value of the company was estimated to 470 million Euros. 

Due to our players and the company team we have succeeded in being recognized on the market. We are convinced that the promotion of the responsible gaming, safety and quality will provide constantly our place within an instable market, as the gambling market, and will keep our first position for the next several years.

The Romanian Lottery changes your life!

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