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Friday, 6 May 2011

Do you ever go to a casino and hear a whole bunch of lingo you don’t understand? Do you join a craps table and hear something about snake eyes and think you have just been insulted? What about online, do you know the chat terminology other players are using? If not, it’s time for a crash course in casino terminology! Following are terms you need to know. This is another list from a more comprehensive and complete range that will help newcomers and even old pro players learn the language of gambling.


Shift Boss
This casino employee is in charge of the entire casino for their shift and answers only to the casino manager.

This is a term for a casino employee who acts as a player and attempts to bring patrons to an empty table. A shill will remain at the table until the table fills up or the game stabilizes.

A cheating device that allows the cheat to see the value of the cards as they are being dealt as they are reflected in the device.

Refers to a box that holds multiple decks of cards. Seen frequently at Blackjack and other card games.

A term that refers to an illegal move performed by a player.

A term used in Craps to refer to the player who is throwing the dice.

Shooting from the hip
A reference to making a decision spontaneously.

A term for short change.

Short Horn
A small wager place in Craps on the horn.

Short Shoe
A term used in Blackjack to describe the situation of when a number of cards have been removed from the shoe. This has the effect of altering the percentages against the players.

A term used in Poker to describe the end of a round in which all remaining players reveal their hands.

A term used in card games to describe the randomizing of a deck or deck of cards before playing begins.

Shuffle Tracking
A technique used in card games in which a player attempts to track certain cards as they are shuffled. This is done to figure out when those cards are likely to appear again.

A term used in the casino which can mean either
1) owing money to someone.
2) being short on cash.

A term for someone who loans money to players who have gone broke.

This is an Oriental table game in which the players try to guess the individual or combination of numbers that will appear on three dice after the dealer has shaken the dice and revealed them.

Side Bet
A term used in Craps for a wager made between onlookers or between players on the outcome of a particular throw of the dice.

Side Game
A term used by the casino for a game(s) in the casino that is lightly played and less important than Blackjack or Craps.

A term for a silver dollars or one dollar gaming token.

Silver Tongue
1) A term for a high-class conman.
2) refers to someone who is a convincing talker.

A Blackjack game in which only one deck is used and is hand-held by the dealer.

1) A term that refers to a conman that is working alone.
2) A term in Roulette that refers to the single zero spot on the Roulette wheel.

A term that refers to one dollar chips.

A term used in Poker to refer to a card that is unsuited in a poker hand. This card does not belong to a winning or possible winning combination.

Six-Ace Flats
A term used in the casino for a pair of damaged or corrupted dice.

A term in Roulette for a six number wager. Specifically two horizontal rows with three numbers each.

Sixty Days
A term in Craps that refers to the six point.

a quick way for the dealers to pay off winning wagers. The dealer pushes a stack of chips up to another stack of chips and removes the excess chips from the pushed stack making both stacks equal in height.

A term for a cheat.

Skinny Dugan
A term used in Craps to refer to a loser seven.

1) A term used by security in the casino for the area where play can be observed by using one-way mirrors and video equipment.
2) A term used for a casino employee who works in the security department with the “eye in the sky”.

A term used by gamblers to refers to a heavy, quick action.

1) A term used in the casino to refer to a wager that is unclaimed, or forgotten by the player.
2) A term used to reference the fact that a number has not come up for a very long time.

Slick Cup
A cheating device with a polished in side that aids the effectiveness of loaded dice for the cheat.

Slick Dice
Dice that a cheater has altered to have smooth side and rough sides.

A term for profession gamblers.

Slide Shot
A term used to describe a technique used by dice mechanics for controlling the roll of one or two dice.

Slot Drop
A term used in casinos to describe the bucket inside the slot cabinet where the machine collects the coins played by the gamblers.

Table Bankroll
A term used at table games that refers to the number of chips available in the tray at the table.

Table Drop
1) A term used to describe the amount of money, markers and chips that are placed in the drop box at any one table.
2) Also refers to the amount of money a player exchanges for chips.

Table Game
A term that refers to a game in the casino that used a table as part of the game. For example, blackjack, baccarat and craps are table games, slot machines, video poker and keno are not table games.

Table Hopping
This is a term used to describe the actions of a player who moves from table to table believing it will change their luck.

Table Limit
This is a limit established by the casino for most table games. The table limit includes a maximum and a minimum amount of money that can be wagered at one time.

Table Stakes
A rule used in Poker that limits allowed wagers to the chips a player has on the table at the start of a hand.

Table Win
This refers to the amount of money the table made. It is calculated by subtracting the value of the missing chips from the table drop.

1) A term that refers to the casino receipts.
2) Another term for accepting a bribe.

Take a bet down
A term for when a player removes a wager from the craps layout.

Take and Pay
A term used in the casino to refer to the method used by the dealer to settle up with the winners and losers.

Take an Edge A term used in gambling when you acquire a dishonest advantage.

Take Down
A term used to describe the act of removing a bet.

Take It
This is a term used in Craps for backing the dice to win by taking the odds.

Take it from the Inside
A term used to describe employee theft.

Take it off the top
A term used to describe the act of being paid off before any disbursements are made.

Take Me down
A term used in Craps to notify the dealer that you wish to remove your wager from the table.

Take Odds (taking odds)
1) This is a term used in Sports Betting for wagers placed on the team that is expected to lose. This type or wager allows for a greater payoff should the team win.
2) In Craps this is a wager on a pass-line after the come-out roll.

Take Off Man
This refers to a person in a cheating scam who makes rather larger wagers.

Take Off Pad
A term used to describe the area on the front at the base of the shoe where the cards are drawn from.

Taking the Odds
A term used in Craps in with a “wrong” bet is accepted at odds.

Taking the Count
A term used in casinos used to describe the action of a Pitboss when they stop a game to allow the security guards to do a inventory of the cash at the table.

A term used to describe the total lose of a players bankroll or money.

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