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Monday, 5 February 2018

At the end of last year, our magazine was awarding the Las Vegas gambling halls for the most dynamic development on Romania’s territory in 2017. This was on account of the company’s sustained rhythm of development, of the brand’s increasing level of famousness and the fact that this company has become a representative one for our profile market, in time. Now Las Vegas has a new owner, Mister T. Andranik, and he has obviously chosen the Casino Inside magazine to present himself to the gambling industry in Romania. We wish him welcome and we assure him that he has our full support.

As such, we invite you to read a very interesting interview with the new owner of Las Vegas, occasion with which you will find out why he chose to invest in the gambling market in our country our the company’s plans for the future.


What is your background in gambling? Do you work in this field or have you worked in this field? Please elaborate, if you can.

I can say that I was born between games of chance. My family has operated in this industry for almost 4 decades. For me, it is absolutely natural to continue my family’s legacy and that is why I do business in this filed.

I have always liked to work with people and that is the reason why I prefer traditional gambling halls over on-line halls. I love seeing the player’s happy reaction when he wins. It is a unique moment of happiness and honesty.


Why did you choose to enter the Romanian gambling market?

To a certain extent, I can say that it was a happy coincidence due to my Romanian friends. I came here to visit a few times and I liked it very much. I can truly say I fell in love with this country. Romanians are open and communicative. I felt good here, in their presence, from the very beginning.

The opportunity to purchase a significant company on the Romanian gambling market came to be by means of my friends, as well. When I started thinking about the purchase, I already knew that Romania had one of the most mature as consolidated gambling markets in Europe. Honestly, I contemplated this choice a lot, also performing a prior evaluation. I believe that the argument which weighed the most in my choice was finally that the Romanian market is a very well-regulated one.


Why did you choose to enter the Romanian gambling market by purchasing a company which manages the Las Vegas brand? What attracted you to this brand?

In short, Las Vegas is exactly what I wanted. For almost 2 years we have analyzed the possibility of expanding our business. You are well aware that there were many arguments determining me to make this purchase and there is no need to lay them all out now.


What type of games and slot machine mixes can be found in your halls?

Currently, we use only established brands on the Romanian market. We have a plan for the near future as to diversify the game mix with a few new things. We intend to use the multiple relations that we have consolidated along time with different names in the industry with this purpose.


Besides games, how do clients have fun in the Las Vegas halls? Which are the promotions with which you entertain your players? How important is marketing in the successful operation of your halls?

Marketing, it will become an essential element of the business. First of all, we want to increase the social and fun element in our halls. We won’t neglect the “responsible game” aspect, either. However, for now, we are focusing on rearrangement and re-branding.


Las Vegas has continuously developed in the last few years. Which are your plans for the future?

The future has already begun for Las Vegas. We have initiated an ample re-branding process. We will also change the ambient style of the halls, which we will rearrange after a new concept. We wish to bring a new vibe, a change in our aspect. We plan to move very fast and I believe we will finalize the changes until January 2019.

The technical re-upgrading is another priority for us. We will introduce, for the first time ever in Romania, new technical solution connected to the gambling activity in the halls.

For the year 2018, we aim at enforcing our position by increasing the quality of services and enforcing the presence in the high-end clients area.


Do you believe that on-line gambling represents a danger to those operating classical gambling halls (on the street)?

Let’s be serious, traditional gambling will never disappear. This phenomenon has been around for thousands of years and shall continue to exist. Exactly as Las Vegas will never disappear, neither will traditional gambling. Remote gambling is another form of competition for us which motivates us to adapt and transform into something better.

If you wish, a reason for which the traditional games are not in danger as you say they are, is the fact that they will be better supported by the state than those on-line because they generate larger and more variated income for their budgets, including those resulting from salary contributions. Or, it is well known that the on-line does not pay such contributions, because there are extremely few employees.


Do you intend to obtain an on-line operating license?

My option for traditional is definitive and it is the result of accumulated experience. This is the future LAS VEGAS.


Bio T. Andranik:

Andranik is from Armenia. His family has been holding business on the gambling market for a long time. They started in Argentina and then extended to other areas, finally reaching Europe, as well. Now, they came closer to their native country, entering the Romanian market as well.

When he speaks about himself, Andranik says that he feels at home in the gambling hall. It is probably because the business is in his blood.


Las Vegas short history:

Andranik speaks very passionately about the business which he wishes to develop. LAS VEGAS has been activating on the Romanian profile market since the year 2000. In its 18 years of activity, the previous company has expanded territory-wise to all relevant urban centers. The team, respectively the LAS VEGAS family, as they like to be called, has almost 600 members. A young family, but obviously, dynamic and well-motivated.

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