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Editorial – We are launching the Autumn of Business in Gambling

Thursday, 2 September 2021

With this September edition we are also launching the Autumn of Business in Gambling. As always, the industry is becoming effervescent as we enter the first autumn month, and this year we are again aiming to fully contribute to the growth of your businesses by facilitating a continuous and efficient communication with your partners and clients.

Vlad Cazino and UNTOLD are naturally collaborating for the benefit of Romanian entertainment. The online casino Vlad Cazino is again partnering up with UNTOLD for the 2021 edition of the most important festival in Romania. The collaboration between the two brands is strong and was launched at the UNTOLD 2019 edition and continued through all the 2020 initiatives, when UNTOLD relied on unconventional options, in last year’s particular context – the May 1st show entitled OVERNIGHT and the UNTOLD New Year’s Eve show. Before UNTOLD 2021, Vlad Cazino launched a new mega campaign, bringing on the same poster the two communication platforms: UNTOLD and the stand-up comedy area (with Micutzu and Cătălin Bordea in the foreground), all in the context of a promotion with sensational prizes. If you want to go to UNTOLD in Vladtastic style, read the Cover Story piece and see the VLADtastic prizes Vlăduț has in store for you.

Game World and the Bucharest Municipal Sports Club concluded a partnership by means of which the biggest premium casino floors operator in Romania became the main sponsor of the CSM Bucharest men’s and women’s handball teams. The collaboration between the gambling operator one of the most renowned team sports clubs in Romania is natural, since Game World and CSM Bucharest share a common set of values and principles, both aiming to perform at a high level and establish themselves as leaders in the fields they operate in. We congratulate both parties on this achievement and we invite you to find out more about this partnership in the dedicated piece.

The successor of the legendary Mega Jack game collection, Mega Jack 2020, was certified for the CT6 platform and is already available for installation in casinos and casino floors all across Romania. After successful installations in Eastern Europe, the multigame package enters the Romanian market, offered for EZ Modulo 27/27 and EZ Modulo 32/32 cabinets. Having proven an excellent performance, Mega Jack 2020 gives results which for the most part exceeded operators’ expectations. You can find more details about this CT Gaming success in Romania and about other achievements in the piece dedicated to them.

On 20 July 2021, the European Commission launched the new package of legislative proposals on combating money laundering and terrorist financing (AML/ATF). The aim of this endeavor is to protect the integrity of the EU financial system, to help protect European citizens against terrorism and organized crime. We invite you to discover this topic, but also others, such as the stage of the National Risk Assessment, the new regulation on the organization and functioning of the ONPCSB and other interesting topics related to AML, in the interview kindly given by Mrs. Daciana Dumitru, Director of the Analysis and Information Processing Department within the National Office for the Prevention and Combating of Money Laundering (ONPCSB).

We are hoping that our suggestions convinced you to read the full September edition, one full of quality content brought to you by Casino Inside.



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