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Kate Chambers, Managing Director, Clarion Gaming: ”ICE London 2020 was the biggest edition until now”

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

ICE London lived up to its invitation to visitors to ‘step into the future’ thanks to the outstanding displays of technology driven products and services provided by our world class exhibitors.

ICE London

As every time after ICE, our magazine takes the pulse of the largest international gambling exhibition and finds for you all those data / information that can help you in your business.

Kate Chambers

How was ICE Totally Gaming 2020 for Clarion Events team? You are satisfied about the results?


As an event organiser you are never really satisfied, on the basis that there are always areas or aspects of an exhibition that can be improved, particularly one the size of ICE London.  Also, our objective is to deliver the ultimate experience for our stakeholders who invest a lot of time, energy and resource into attending and being part of ICE London each year, so the standards that we expect and the targets that we set are extremely high.  I think the day that I sit down and think ‘that went really, really well’ will probably be the time to look for a new challenge.  I can have a professional view of how, for example, registration worked or how the features looked, but ultimately we will be judged by the response of our customers: if they’ve enjoyed their time at ICE London, made the contacts they wanted to make, undertaken successful product launches, met the right people, attended insightful conference streams and left us with a headful of exciting ideas and opportunities – then, yes I will be satisfied – knowing that there will always be room for improvement!


How many visitors was this year? But exhibitors? How many square meters was covered by the exihibition? How many meters in plus was covered by comparison with the precedent ICE?


We are very cautious about releasing attendance figures before we have interrogated the data that our registration company provide, ahead of the figures being forwarded for independent verification.  As soon as the figures are checked, double checked and checked again we announce them but not before.  In terms of the metrics that we can confirm, the physical size of ICE London 2020 was 49,500 square metres of net floor space compared to the 2019 figure of 47,500 square metres. The 2020 edition occupied 40 of the 44 halls at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre (38 in 2019) and visitors had access to a total of 633 exhibitor brands (612 in 2019). It was the biggest edition of ICE London on record and one which lived up to its invitation to visitors to ‘step into the future’ thanks to the outstanding displays of technology driven products and services provided by our world class exhibitors.

ICE London

How received the exhibitors/participants the Arena Esports 2020 concept?


It’s very important that ICE London is at the centre of everything that’s new and topical in the industry and the Esports Arena, which co-hosted a $250,000 US prize money tournament, was a great example of that commitment and philosophy in action.  The Arena occupied 800 square metres of space and was the largest feature we have ever had on the show floor. We won’t know exactly how it was received until we undertake our post show research but all of the feedback we have received from participants and stakeholders has been very positive.  ICE has a commitment to be at the forefront of everything that’s new and e-sports is one of the industry’s fastest growing wagering sectors. Sometimes you have to be brave in order to be at the vanguard of new opportunities and I’m delighted that we took on that challenge.


How will Brexit impact the ICE exhibition in years to come?


ICE London is the most international event in world gaming and regularly attracts visitors from over 150 jurisdictions, so it is a global as opposed to a European show. At this stage no one knows the details of Britain’s exit from the EU and its implications but we are monitoring developments very closely and will work in the best interests of our customers and the industry at large.


How you see ICE in the next 5 years and will you include Fantasy Sports as a category of exhibitors in the next ICE exhibition?


I think the key point not just about ICE London but the ICE brand in general is that everything we do is undertaken at the request of the industry and in partnership with the industry.  ICE doesn’t set the agenda it reflects the agenda of our customers. My responsibility and that of the various teams working on the ICE brand is to create the best possible business environment for our customers to achieve their business objectives.  In this respect they will collectively determine what ICE London 2025 looks like, what the features are and what the product sectors comprise. Our function is to interpret that and represent it in the best and most professional way possible.


We thank Clarion Gaming team with Kate Chambers, General Manager, for their kindness and professionalism.


ICE London will return to ExCeL London from 2-4 February, 2021. To register your interest for next year, visit:


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