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Playing on a JPL slot machine

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

A JPL slot machine is a machine with unlimited stakes and winnings, available in more and more betting agencies and gaming rooms. It has a classic, stylish design, with a touch screen and ambient LEDs mounted on the cabinet frame.

The players’ comfort is ensured by the materials from which it is made. The keyboard is installed on top of a chromed metal surface and the buttons are made from hard plastic, easy to use. You can relax your hands on the eco-leather surface.

JOOPY N22 is equipped with a stereo sound system and 2 high resolution TFT monitors. Only one of them has a touch screen but it is optimized for very precise touches.

It has several slot games, each with a standard number of paylines:

5 payline games:

  • 5 Green Fire

An excellent game on a green background where you play with familiar symbols: cherries, bells, oranges, lemons, bars and sevens. The clover is a wild symbol that substitutes other symbols on the same roll. The dollar sign is the main scatter and is doubled by the red star, as a secondary scatter.

  • 5 Red Fire

A classic 5 payline game in which you will find cherries, oranges and lemons as common symbols. The bar symbols have different values and the seventh is the most valuable on this game. The dollar is a scatter and getting at least 3 symbols lead to a winning combination.

  • 5 Violet Fire

An improved theme that gives you more earnings. X3, X4 or X5 depending on the arrangement of the symbols in the table. Cherries, oranges, lemons and plums alongside bars, sevens and scatter (dollar symbol).

The fire is the main theme of these 5 games. Green, red or purple, fire is what animates the three themes. The visual difference is interesting and impresses you in a very pleasant way. In fact, these 3 games are some of the most loved among Romanian players.


10 payline games:

  • Women’s Secrets
  • Rock & Roll,
  • 10 Purple Fire
  • 10 Brown Fire

Here we have 2 themed games and another two with fire as the key element. The 10 paylines offer you more chances to win and the theme is very interesting.

15 payline games:

  • The Secret of Elves
  • Thracian Gold

Secrets of the Elves and Trac Gold are 2 innovative games where you can enjoy free spins and “special” features, appreciated for the big payouts and the increased chances of winning they offer.


20 payline games:

  • 20 Blue Fire
  • Glory of Egypt

25 payline games:

  • Jungle Dares

An exotic game that takes you into the jungle, with wild animals and heroes. A game where you can bet up to 40,000 credits and which comes with wild & jackpot symbols and a scatter. Of course, you already know that the 3 scatters are the ones that trigger the free rounds.


40 payline games:

  • 40 Blue Fire
  • 40 Yellow Fire
  • Arctic Land

The latest game, Arctic Land, is one of the most popular slots. In addition to the very successful design, the atmosphere created by this theme is very much appreciated. If you are looking for combinations that bring you free rounds, this game can give you lot of winnings.

This type of slot machine is compatible with the jackpots offered by most gaming rooms.

It is a “machine” that introduces you to a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. A slot machine worth playing for having fun and generating winnings at the same time. Innovative and attractive games that guarantee you fun and pleasant moments.

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