Gambling at international lotteries is more and more popular

Friday, 20 March 2020

More and more of us have tried our luck at international lotteries. Here we have the great advantage of depending entirely on luck and inspiration, as opposed to sports betting where you need sports knowledge and match analysis.

loteriile internaționale

In international lotteries it is easier to gamble, but it is good to know that each one has its own specificity. We are talking about verified and licensed lotteries, their legality being undisputed.


Moreover, we can collect our winnings very easily because the payment is made by the betting agency and not by the lottery. Whether we choose a lottery in Canada or one in Greece or Italy, we gamble through the betting operator. Online or offline, it’s just as simple.


Growing popularity of international lotteries


The biggest international lotteries include Mega Millions from the US, EuroMillions, EuroMillions from the UK, 6/49 Canadian, Australian Powerball, Euro Jackpot, El Gordo from Spain, SuperEnalotto from Italy, Mega Sena from Brazil, Hoosier Lotto, Florida Lotto , Oz Lotto, California Super Lotto, French Lotto, New York Lotto, Irish Lotto, Primitive, UK National Lottery, Hot Lotto, Thunderbolt Lotto, German Lottery, Poland Lotto, Greece Lotto and more.


We know that some lotteries are called Keno or Kino. In their case, 20 numbers are drawn at a very fast rate. It can be 4 or 5 minutes. Greece Kino 20/80 and Italy Keno 10E are the most appreciated in our country. As the name suggests, in Greece Kino there are 20 balls drawn out of a total of 80. In Italy Keno draws 20 balls out of 90. Greece Kino runs between 09: 00 – 23:55 with draws in every 5 minutes. Italy Keno runs continuously, 24/24.

Loteriile internationale

We immediately notice the high frequency of games. We can bet at any time of the day and find the results immediately after the validation of the draw, because there are a lot of sites dedicated to the results registered in international lotteries, and these are also displayed by the betting operators in a very short time.


We can bet on more draws, we can apply different game schemes, we can increase or decrease the stake as we can choose more or less numbers. It all depends on our gamble ideas.


Another very popular online lottery is Poland Multi 20/80. There are two daily draws at 15:00 pm and 22:40 pm. The first extraction is called “Poland Multi 1” and the second “Poland Multi 2”. There are also operators who identify the lottery as “Poland Multi”.


loteriile internaționale

Types of bets on international lotteries


International lotteries – the “block” bet


For this type of bet we must choose all the numbers on the ticket correctly. Suppose we bet RON 10 on three numbers when drawing a lottery. If the numbers chosen by us are among the 7 numbers drawn in this lottery, then we won. The winnings are calculated by multiplying the stake by the corresponding lottery odds, i.e: RON 10 x 440 = RON 4.400


International lotteries – the “complete system” bet


The complete “system” bet is the same as the incomplete one, except that we opt for all possible conditions. If we take 4 numbers and condition 1, 2, 3, 4 of 4 (all 4 systems) we have 15 combinations. Betting RON 15 per ticket means that we bet RON 1 on each combination. The total number of combinations per ticket is calculated by taking the total number of variants.

But let’s look at a 3/4 system, for example:

1/4 numbers system allows us 3 errors (three incorrect numbers).

2/4 numbers system allows us 2 errors (two incorrect numbers).

The 3/4 system allows us only one error (one incorrect number).

The 4/4 system means to correctly indicate all 4 numbers.


International lotteries – the “incomplete system” bet


Suppose we choose 5 numbers in the German lottery and we want to win with at least 3 of them. That means a condition of 3 out of 5, which means 10 combinations. If we bet RON 20, we have RON 2 for each combination.

The winnings for each combination are calculated by multiplying the odds by the bet on the combination (the bet per ticket divided by the number of combinations).

The 3/5 system allows us maximum two errors (two numbers incorrectly indicated), and the winnings will be differentiated, depending on how many numbers we have chosen correctly.


International lotteries results


The bets on the draw results in the international lotteries do not imply an effective participation, but a bet or more, made at the bookmaker.


Losing a lot of ground, the Romanian Lottery is out of the question. The biggest amount won in the lottery in Romania was about 11 million Euro, on July 14, 2013. The European record is 190 million Euros and was won in 2017 in Spain. The world record, however, is close to $ 760 million and was won in 2019.


We just have to compare the figures and immediately understand the reasons why international lotteries have become so popular.

Regarding the volumes gambled in the lotteries, here is a generic chart that shows the trend in recent years.


Lotteries have an extremely low chance of winning and a low payout ratio compared to other forms of gambling. However, the lottery mechanisms are relatively simple to understand and it is just as easy to gamble them. Despite the low probability of winning, lotteries trade high volumes and are considered the most popular form of gambling.

by Mircea Panait

Author: Editor

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