Jan Sipovsky: “We really listen to what our clients tell us, and we work very hard to fulfil their requests”

Friday, 30 August 2019

We present you an extremely interesting interview with the General Manager of Kajot Romania company, Mr. Jan Sipovsky, in which you will find out a lot of news about the Czech company and what surprises the company of this year’s visitors prepares at the Entertainment Arena Expo.

Another year passed and we are talking to each other again. What has been happening in Kajot?

Many things are going on like always. In domain in which we are working at it is a never-ending story when we mention work. There were a few significant changes within the company itself and its operation, and with a completely new product line we have introduced in Romania in the middle of the year.


Could you please tell our readers more about these changes?

Because of the demand from our clients we did have to bring in more support to ensure smooth and easy operation. We extended our technical support desk, which is now located in Romania and we are still working hard to start 24/7 support. Now Romanian based support operates within regular working hours from 9:00 till 17:00. After this time our clients can contact directly our help desk in Czech Republic. Our aim is to launch full 24/7 technical support based in here in Romania.

Another significant change which happened thanks to cooperation with our customers is our showroom and sales office which we opened at the beginning of this year in Bucharest. This made it much more effective for us to demonstrate our products and it also helped our customers with more effective communication, because of an addition to our sales team. Our new head of sales George Oprea joined our team and he became big support especially in communicating with clients who are based in and around Bucharest.

What about new product line you mentioned previously? 

At the beginning of the year we started process of authorising a new product line. Some of our clients can already enjoy benefits of this amazing product. As usually we stayed loyal to planets and new product was named Yellow Planet. I would say that this is our first multi gamer slot, with option of activating up to 64 games. Originally introduced without roulette we realised that demand for this kind of game in Romania on slots is very high, and therefore we will add also roulette to this line. Something what Kajot never considered as important. You can see that we really listen to what our clients tell us, and we work very hard to fulfil their requests.


When can our readers see and try full version of this Yellow Planet line?

Full version including roulette will be available for everyone to test at the Entertainment Arena Expo in Bucharest this year in September. They will not just see new software but also completely new slot machine.

What can you tell us about a new slot?

As I already said, we always try to bring to our customers what they ask for, and you know very well that you can not always please everyone. Up until now we were focusing all our energy to cover demand of smaller to medium operators. Now with our new NEO ORBIS slot we would like to fulfil requests of more demanding clients. I can proudly say, that our new cabinet NEO ORBIS can compete with any other high street slot, not just because of its looks but also amazing Yellow Planet software which it runs.

Slot machine and its games are not anymore just land based operation as we used to know. How is Kajot coping with an online market in Romania?

Yes, you are right. It is not anymore just about land-based operation. Globalisation has brought many changes to lives of all sorts of people. Either through constantly changing law or scientific improvements and developments. Kajot understand need of improving also in this field of our industry, and we have started cooperation with couple of major online operators in Romania. In this sense it is an essential for us to promote our land-based games as these games build the main online games portfolio for our clients in online business.

Will visitors at Entertainment Arena Expo 2019 be able to see online games and options of online gaming you offer to clients in Romania?

Absolutely. We planned to dedicate one part of our stand just to online gaming. Visitors will be able to see and try our online games on different gaming platforms. There will be all variety of games available to try at our online gaming stand, not just those currently available in Romania, but also those performing very well in different markets. There will be a team of colleagues happy to advise those who are currently just playing with an idea of online gaming, or to discuss current issues and possibilities, the Kajot can bring to visitors.

Jan Sipovsky – KAJOT

Jan, I would like to thank you for your time, and I am looking forward seeing you at the Entertainment Arena Expo in Bucharest this year.

Thank you very much, and I wish all the readers amazing experience at the Expo. See you soon.

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