Enter the Inspired’s National! Win a Tesla car and another 110 prizes

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Fortuna launches the challenge of the year! Enter wearing the “shirt” of a true player and fight for the first “11” in the Inspired’s National! Be confident of your powers and become the team superstar: enter the race for a Tesla car.

Naționala Inspiraților

Start the Campaign!

Play between November 9th – December 23rd in the Fortuna agencies or online at efortuna.ro. You have 12 types of betting on which you can place a stake to enter the Campaign. Each of these represents a place in the Inspired’s National. Catch the first “11” and win, by means of draw, one of the 11 electrical scooters in play.

But don’t be satisfied just yet! Bet LIVE in the Fortuna agencies or at live.efortuna.ro and you’ll have the chance to win a Tesla car! Furthermore, 99 push scooters will also be awarded by draw.

Each of the 12 types of bets which are part of the Campaign offer you a chance for the draw. You can bet on your tickets for one or several of them. For example, if you have 5 of the betting categories included in the Campaign on your ticket, then you enter with 5 chances in the draw.

Register as many tickets as you can and offer yourself more chances to win the 111 prizes awarded on December 23rd.

Do not forget that LIVE Bets can bring you a dream prize: a Tesla car!

How do you enter

Enter the tickets played with a stake of at least RON 10 on nationalainspiratilor.efortuna.ro (only the losing tickets will be entered into the draw). If you are an online player, you fill in your user name from efortuna.ro only once and you have all eligible tickets entered in the Campaign.

You can enter tickets in the Fortuna agencies as well, with the help of operators, but also through SMS at 3799 (EUR 0.035/SMS). Follow the following steps: you first send your first and last name. You will be asked by SMS to enter your SSN. Then you will receive an SMS to which you have to answer with the series on your ticket (you can find it under the ticket’s bar code). You will receive a message that you are registered and you can enter a new series, if you have other tickets you wish to enter into the Campaign.

Let the adventure begin! Win your place in the Inspired’s National!

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