Gambling industry – one of those ANAF left to get around with the new cash registers

Sunday, 8 September 2019

The ANAF systems may not receive cash register data, but the obligation to submit it remains in effect 


This story was off to a good start but has, for now, failed to unfold in the same way. The obligation to implement fiscal cash registers with electronic log was due to the introduction of a new live data feed system by ANAF, which in turn was justified by the latter’s need for tightening its control on tax receipts.


The live feed system could not be implemented (and is likely to take another year), but the obligation to submit the data, if not by live means, was maintained in the form of a new financial statement due for submission by the 20th day of the following month.


The gambling industry was not exempted under the new law, so the operators were faced with a new, and more cumbersome, obligation to their name following the appearance out of nowhere of hundreds and thousands of such statements requiring logistics that has got everyone totally unprepared.

Eduard Alexandrian

For a more in-depth understanding of what is going on and the solutions to this problem that has been plaguing our industry, we had a sit-down with Eduard Alexandrian of 4Secunde©, the company which created an accounting solution that could instantly cater to other industries’ needs as well.


Hi, Eduard, please tell us about you guys.


Hi there, thank you for giving me the opportunity to discuss this topic. 4Secunde emerged in 2012; at that time, as we went to our accounting firm sometime after the 20th of March, we noticed everyone was super busy with the “submission of the financial statements”. This was a time-consuming process despite being carried out on the ANAF website. Let us imagine that an accounting firm has 200 clients and submits 4 financial statements for each on a monthly basis. Suddenly, there are 800 statements that need to be prepared first, then signed electronically, submitted, the ANAF index retained, then they are saved under a name, printed, the index for validity is being checked, they download the receipt, print it, rename it, then resume this process, 800 times.

This was a problem, a big one at that. In 3 months’ time we came up with a solution and this is how 4Secunde© was created.


Is the same thing happening now to those who have an obligation to use cash registers?


That’s right. All of a sudden, a betting house network, a casino floor with bar network, the gas stations, supermarkets, clothing stores, everyone has encountered this problem over hundreds and thousands of times.


So how did you solve this problem?


We adapted, instantly; to us, the A4200 statement is just another statement we process easily, automatically, in a controlled and easily traceable manner.


Did you manage to bring novelty with regards to this statement compared to the others?


Yes, we did. On two accounts, actually. With the data being downloaded from the cash registers in the field and sent to the center, we took it over without human touch, straight from an e-mail address or folder structure. On the receiving end we created a management system enabling human operators to check if all the obligations of submission have been met.


You said that the betting houses and casino floors with bars in our field would be affected. How do you think they solved this problem?


If I may, I would like to make a comparison with other industries, since we have large and very large customers – retail, fast-food, domestic gas stations. Each week we see more and more customers coming to us, which means there are many who have yet to solve this problem.

Some have developed solutions internally, while most preferred not to cumber their development teams with this problem and chose to become our customers instead.


The way I see it: large companies having large IT teams might instruct their development teams to create such solution. Others, like with other industries, will choose a solution that has already been tested on millions of statements, such as 4Secunde, preferring to pay EUR 1 per cash register each month and have a complete solution while their development teams will focus on software, which is their core income-generating business. Medium-sized, small or regional companies are even more inclined to go for this solution rather than stressing out the software developers, so rare and expensive these days, with developments that are not part of their activity. This is where 4Secunde comes into play to save time and stress at a low cost.


What are the advantages of working with 4secunde?


4Secunde may be implemented and run right away as we provide high-class training and support; it automates everything being done manually by people right now and, more importantly, eliminates the times lost by people, so rare these days, thus giving the software department of their customers time to develop their own applications of strict necessity for their day-to-day activities.

All for the price of one, starting at EUR 1 per cash register, which is, given the immediate availability and definite period of this solution, a good cost/benefit ratio, much sought-after by the companies which definitely understand that time is money.

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