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Trust and respect, the key elements in professional development

Friday, 22 November 2019

”What do you want to do when you are older?” was the question we all heard many times since childhood. We, the MaxBet team, have always had one answer: we want to be happy, respected and appreciated for who we are!

When we stepped on the MaxBet doors, neither of us had a concrete answer to this question and we didn’t know what we wanted in life or in our careers. We were at the beginning of the road, maybe after wrong choices, which did not bring us any satisfaction, maybe inexperienced, freshly graduateded or still on our studies.

However, we had only one desire, to start from somewhere, to progress and to become “great people. We were also sure that every journey starts with one step and in order to reach the destination we all aspire to, we must continue our journey in the direction of our dreams.

MaxBet, a company with and about people

At MaxBet we learned everything we needed to know, we learned how important communication is and yet something extra and most valuable: we count! MaxBet is the place where we learn every day to BELIEVE in our strengths, to LIVE the joy of doing what we love and to GET the satisfaction that our work is as important as we are.

”At MaxBet I gained maturity, I grew up, I managed to achieve my goals, I had job satisfaction, the joy of being part of a team, here I became the adult I am today.”- MaxBet Regional Manager

From the confidence that the company gives us on a daily basis, our desire to progress has slowly and slowly emerged, at which point MaxBet responded to our expectations and decided to support us. The company is actively involved in our professional as well as personal development and offers us support by initiating training programs dedicated to the needs of each of us and opportunities for promotion.

”7 years and 5 months of daily challenges, from a teenager who finished college and did not know which way to go, to the one who had the chance to develop permanently! From the Hall Supervisor to the Trainer and from the Trainer to the Technical Referent, there have been stages in my professional and personal development.”- Technical Referent

”At one point I came to the conclusion that I want to evolve from a professional point of view, and not anywhere but at MaxBet, because it has shown a willingness to invest in its staff and has shown seriousness in any aspect.” – Hall Manager


In fact, the promotions represent for us the real evidence that our desires are being listened to, that we are fully respected and supported in our development initiatives.


”For me, MaxBet represents the company where I was professionally trained, where I could evolve into a healthy organizational environment, together with a dynamic team and a united team. Looking back, I think I made the happy choice.”- Referent Department of Accounting

And the continuous communication with the specialists in the field has played an important role in our evolution from the beginning because here we had the right guidance at the right time and continuous support. Also, here we learned that our opinion matters because we have been given the opportunity to express ourselves, which once again denotes the consideration offered to us by the company.

More than a company

Thus, MaxBet played many roles for us: the parent because it “grew” us, it invested time in us, it helped us to evolve and prepared us for all the challenges we have to face, with a smile on the lips, throughout our life. It is and will be for us the career counselor, who helped us find our way in life, but also the our friend, who supported us during difficult times and with whom we shared moments of happiness and enthusiasm.

With emotion,
The MaxBet Team

Author: Editor

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