Another innovation of Vlad Casino: Roast Battle Vlad vd. Bordea, the first in this industry

Thursday, 3 September 2020

Once again, Vlad Cazino proved his role of promoter in this specialized industry, this time with a unique marketing action that naturally places the brand in the forefront of young passionates about online entertainment.

The actor Cătălin Bordea, known to the public especially for his stand-up comedy shows, but also for his appearances in TV shows and series, is involved in promoting Vlad Casino starting this summer. In addition to its presence in classic and online platform illustrations, Vlad casino representatives wanted to achieve an unique strategy, with a major impact on the internet. This resulted in the launch of a novel idea, intended to be the Roast of the Year, a stand-up comedy confrontation based on ironic lines, such as Roast Battle – “burns” – a popular concept now in worldwide stand-up comedy field.


“The idea was, as usual, to surprise the audience with the full involvement of Vlad Casino in the entertainment experiences, offering more than expected from an online casino gaming platform. As we have done in the past through active association with UNTOLD 2019 and Overnight 2020, we continue to serve our online and offline audiences, promoting balanced entertainment with all sorts of “spices”. We were not satisfied with a simple image association between Cătălin Bordea and the friendly vampire Vlad. Initially, we involved Cătălin Bordea in brand illustrations, then we changed my perspective: we brought the character Vlad on the real stand-up comedy stage, in an authentic show, as the audience is accustomed to in terms of such entertainment. It is more than just promotion, is a branding strategy focused on content so creative that the public can not resist to share it to his friends”, explain the representatives of Vlad Casino.

Vlad Cazino

“Cătălin Bordea is one of the most watched stand-up comedians, present not only in the online environment, but in TV shows and offline shows with audience participation as well. His compatibility with the character Vlad is obvious, both being fans of relaxed but intense, quality entertainment, without compromises. In this manner, Vlad Casino honors its public commitment to offer Romanians original doses of entertainment, top casino and bingo games accessible from anywhere and at any time, but also surprising experiences, such as this Roast Battle Vlad vd. Bordea, the first in this industry.


The lines of the two are full of humor & irony. Also, they are received with applause and laughter, as we can see in videos present on YouTube and Facebook. Here are some examples of such lines that fit the Roast Battle show recipe perfectly: “Bordea, my roulette numbers are better than your stand-up numbers,” Vlad tells his stage partner, for example. “Be careful, your birth certificate is running out. You are old, you are so old that you have the Book of Ra signed by the author”, Cătălin Bordea answers Vlad, referring to the long life of vampires, but also to the slot game focused on the mystery of Ancient Egypt. “With these tattoos, your hands look like the wallpaper in Cârnăcior’s room (ed. note.: another character present in the illustrations of Vlad Casino) “, says the friendly vampire. What is particularly interesting is that the show is based on strong interaction between characters. It completely crosses the border between real and animated, as in successful Hollywood movies.

Vlad Cazino

Graduate of the National University of Theater and Cinematography “I.L. Caragiale ”from Bucharest, dedicated to his role in promoting the concept of stand-up comedy in our country, Cătălin Bordea has always been associated with the style of nonconformist fun, at high rates, always ready to “hit” with smart jokes.


Another Vlad Cazino marketing action for 2020 summer aimed at pursuing the partnership with UNTOLD. The organizers of the famous festival in Cluj prepared an event entitled Sparks of Magic, which will be hold exclusively online, from July 30 to August 2. Armin van Buuren 2015, Afrojack, hardwell, Timmy Trumpet, Don Diablo, Scooter and other famous artist were in the forefront of this unique event. “The most intense experiences and the most beautiful stories, lived and written together in the last 5 years at UNTOLD, will be celebrated during the festival – July 30 – August 2, 2020. This year, the 4 nights full of magic will take place in the virtual environment, where fans will feel the festival spirit again and will be able to dance together, sharing the vibration of hope, friendship and love”, explained the organizers before this event.


Vlad Casino was present at Sparks of Magic, the unique event supported by UNTOLD, as a sponsor, facilitating, as usual, the entertainment and festival atmosphere. Furthermore, the Vlad Casino team is preparing another big surprise for the middle of the month. Details will be announced soon. Thus we can talk about a large number of activities organized by Vlad Casino in recent months, mentioning here the recent ArdemCalorii campaign on Facebook or the Vladtastic Summer campaign of 1,500,000 spins.

Vlad Cazino

Launched in 2018, Vlad Casino was from the beginning an original, unique platform, a revolutionary concept on the online gambling market – the first website 100% dedicated to online casino games, with a Romanian approach and international know-how. The charismatic character Vlad, a friendly vampire inspired by the legends related to Transylvania, is always alongside those eager for quality entertainment and always prepares truly unexpected surprises. Basically, the stories related to vampires have been reinterpreted, resulting in a funny and not scary character, passionate about online gambling and responsible fun.


Vlad Cazino is part of Kindred Group, an online gambling operator that has brought to Romania the famous online sports betting, poker and casino – Unibet. On you can discover casino games, live casino and bingo, which promise to offer experiences as complex as possible, similar to those in top authentic casinos worldwide. The character Vlad is beside the public in all sections, from blackjack and roulette tables, to slot games, very popular among Romanians.


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