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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Between 8 – 9 August we had the pleasure to positively answer to ROMSLOT (Slots Organizers Association) and Romanian Bookmakers (The Romanian Association of Bets Organizers) invite to visit Baum Games Company, producer of slot – machine devices, a games hall and a bets agency.

The journalists there were able to see the whole technological process that is used to produce a slot- machine device. It was a great pleasure for us to get back to Dumbraveni to visit the company of one of the most important Romanian gambling producers. Baum Games was all the time not only an important Romanian market player, but it succeeded to get into markets like Latin America, Africa and Europe. Inside Baum Games manufactory we visited the production line, sample labs, stores, and software production offices. If for us, Casino Inside, the factory was not a completely new thing, we have the pleasure to see that general journalists have shown a great interest for the whole technological process.

The second part of our tour was a visit to Medias, where Baum Games welcomed us in one of the locations they run their slot activity, more specific in a gambling hall. We were positively impressed  (although we expected this), to find ourselves in a relaxing club atmosphere, where people come to have fun to play, to nicely spend their time, having the possibility to win more or less money according to how they take risks. People from Baum Games hall gave us the impression that they are not there for winning but for having fun.

After talking to Baum Games and ROMSLOT representatives, came out that our industry is having problems with legislation, an area that lately was somehow improved, but can still suffer changes in order for operators to function better. The biggest problem for operators is the 25% tax on incomes higher than 600 Roni wined by players. This tax cannot be charged from players because they cannot be followed and the difference between incomes and playing is difficult to get.

We can say that this tax is one of the reasons why in Romania there is no license for online gaming operators.

The last part of our tour was a visit to Stanleybet bets agency, where they explained to us the mechanism that stands behind this business. We got answers to our questions; we understood how bookmakers can offer the best rates to people who bet.

At the same time, Romanian Bookmakers and ROMSLOT representatives showed to journalists what means, from the tax and fees point of view, gambling industry of slots and bets in Romania.

Bets industry has a 110 million Euro market value, 11.459 jobs, 79 million Euro taxes, 141 million Euro GDP contributions.

Slot – machine industry has a 422 million Euro market value, 27. 066 jobs, 255 million Euro taxes from direct and indirect contributions, 569 million Euro direct and indirect GDP contributions.

At the same time after the discussions we had, the members of both associations participating told journalists about the launching of Responsible Game Program. About this program we, CASINO INSIDE, talked as a necessity for our industry, before and after launching it.

Responsible Game Program consists in:

–          Research, prevention and intervention on Gambling and Pathological Bet

–          Free phone assistance (HELPLINE green tel: 0800 800 099)

–          Free consulting at a specialized psychological cabinet

–          Auto – testing for pathological players:

We consider the event we took part at was very pleasant. It showed once again to journalists and to everyone interested that gambling industry is a correct, transparent, bringing income to the state budget and job giving one.

We also want to mention that Casino Inside Magazine was the only specialized magazine participating at this event!

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