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Casino Inside magazine believes that at the end of each year after so much stress and work, you deserve a time of joy, fun and cheerfullness, for a change.

Therefore, after the 3RD ReUNION OF GAMBLING PROFESSIONALS we invite you to participate at “The Celebration of Romanian Gaming – Festive Dinner”, where the professionals of our domain will be rewarded for their efforts throughout the year 2014.

For the moment we shall not divulge the surprises prepared for this gala, but we may say that the voting method will consist of an objective, transparent, and one that will engage our entire gaming industry – from players to companies, everybody will have a saying in this process.

In this way, at the end of the event, those that will poses a Casino Inside statuette will know that they have received a well-deserved recognition, and that the prize in their hands stands for the confirmation of their statute in the Romanian Gambling Industry.


Perhaps the most important thing in the process of transparency and reflection of the reality in respect to granting of an award is the Method of Choosing the Winners.

First and foremost we have conceived a simple algorithm of choosing which will reflect on one hand the image of a company in the eyes of the players (for the cases in which they are able to express a pertinent opinion, like the game device operation area, or live casinos, gaming halls or betting agencies) and this will count for 50% of the final vote, and the other 50% will consist of the vote of the other players in the market, which will not be able to vote for themselves though.

The players will express their “popular vote” on the www.casinoinside.ro website. The vote will be confidential, the people who vote will only have to register on the voting platform with a minimum of required data before choosing their favorite. The voting platform will allow only the expression of a single election, it will not be possible to vote more than once.

As the player votes as he likes, the other companies that will participate in the voting process of a particular category will have to take into account the following considerations:

– Client service, aspect of the location, services rendered.

– Company size, number of locations/number of devices.

– Social responsibility promoted in relation with the player, addiction prevention, own programs through which the company comes to the aid of the affected player.

– Investment in innovation (equipment/business ideas).

– Game Offer

In support of the voting process will be assisted by Professional Associations and Employers’ Associations to which we will send the list of nominations and the fundamental criteria of the voting process, expressed above, but we will also record the votes of some companies that will want to express their opinions directly to us.

The Schedule of the Celebration of Romanian Gaming is:


Price of the ticket for the event: €100 / person (without vat).

For reservations please send your confirmation to the following e-mail address

e-mail:office@casinoinside.ro or by phone at 0725/67.01.47 or 0723/132.595



1. The best live casino

The Nominees are:

– Casino Bucharest

– Casino Metropolis

– Casino Vesuvius

– Grand Casino Marriott

– Queen Casino

– Platinum Casino

2. The best gaming hall operator:

The Nominees are:

– Admiral

– Aurum

– Baum Games

– Cash Pot

– El Dorado

– E-Casino

– Game World

– Infinity Games

– Kings Club

– MaxBet Group

– Merkur Sala Jocuri

– Million

– Shalimar

– Viva Casino

– Others

3. The best betting operator:

The Nominees are:

– 1×2 Bet Cafe Arena

– Baum Bet

– Casa Pariurilor

– Get’s Bet

– GS Bet

– Mozzart Bet

– Net Bet

– Public Bet

– Sky Bet

– Stanleybet

– Super Bet

– Winner

– Others

4. The best street gaming operator (operator of devices which are not placed in its own locations)

  • By the vote of the industry*

* Bearing in mind that very few players get to know the name of the gaming operator that operates on such market segment.

The Nominees are:

– Baum Games


– Royal Cash

– Smart Games

– Others

5. The best domestic manufacturer of gaming equipment

  • By vote of the industry

The Nominees are:

– Baum Games


– Gamex

– Intergames

– Revital Games

– Smart Games

– Others

6. Best importer of gaming equipment

  • By vote of the industry

The Nominees are:

– Alfa Street

– Apex gaming

– Bling de Luxe

– Casino Technology


– Innogate

– Merkur Gaming

– Newton Slots & Amatic

– Novomatic

– Stormbet

– Synot

– Others

7. The best accessories and equipment (jackpots, software, game tables, chairs, and other accessories, etc.)

  • By vote of the industry

The Nominees are:

– Abbiati

– Advansys

– Casino Systems

– Newton Slots

– Patir

– Storm Bet & Slot Logic

– Suzo Happ

– Syswin Solutions

– Others

8. The most popular slot machine from the market

The Nominees are:

– Bling (Bling de Luxe)

– Club Master (DGL PRO)

– Dracula’s (Baum Games)

– Diversity (Spielo prin Innogate)

– Games Unlimited (Merkur Gaming)

– Gaminator (Novomatic)

– Gamopolis (Casino Technology)

– Others

9. The best poker club in the country

The Nominees are:

– All In Poker Club – Bucharest

– Gentleman’s Club – Timișoara

– Royal Poker Club – Cluj

– Others

10. The poker player of the year**

** The decision of awarding the prize will consist 50% of the online vote expressed on www.casinoinside.ro (a popularity vote, which is the subjective opinion of one person) and 50% of the results obtained in live and online tournaments throughout 2014.

Taking into account the prize money won so far during the year of 2014 according to www.thehendonmob.com, the Nominees are:

–          Vlad Darie (133,475 $)

–          Alain Medeșan (102,593 $)

–          Dan Murariu (98,835 $)

–          Mihai Manole (91,821 $)

–          Tiberiu-Florian Georgescu (89,904 $)

11. The  Personality of the year in Gambling

– the prize is awarded to the personality that has made most visible effort to promote the Romanian gambling industry

– the choice belongs to the CASINO INSIDE Magazine

12. The “Casino Inside” Special Award

– awarded by our magazine to the personality that has supported our publication in our attempts to promote the reality of our gaming industry

13. The “Casino Inside” Cultural Award

– awarded by our magazine to a cultural personality

14. The “Casino Inside” Sporting Award

– awarded by our magazine to a sportsman or a personality that has promoted sports

15. The Artist of the Year

– awarded by Casino Inside magazine to a theatre, music of movie personality

16. The prize for Elegance, Trendiness and Life Style

– awarded by the Casino Inside magazine to a person/company that promoted the common sense, good taste and a contemporary lifestyle within the Romanian society.

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