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Thursday, 8 December 2011

HOSE (aka H.O.S.E or S.H.O.E.) is a term used for playing a mixed game of poker consisting of four different poker games and is made up of cycling through each of the poker components of the acronym: H.O.S.E (Hold’em, Omaha High Low, Seven Card Stud, Seven Card Stud High Low Eight or Better).

This form of poker is most common at higher limit casino tables and is popular since it requires players to be skilled at many different forms of poker to succeed. HOSE game has a fixed limit. The game does not provide Pot Limits or No limits.

The idea of the HOSE poker is a trial for the players, how good they are in various types of poker. The pattern of the game goes like this: they players play each round of a game, which goes in the consecutive order, like in the acronym. Texas Hold’em goes first, and then Omaha, Seven Card Stud and the last one is Seven Card Stud High Low Eight or Better.

The idea behind this is that individual game specialists do not have an advantage and it is the true poker player that will prevail. In fact it is judged to be the decider of a poker player’s true poker ability.

The basic pattern of play: one round of each of the poker games is played. So if there are ten people sitting at the table ten games of each are played. It is played in the order of the acronym, so Hold’em is played first followed by Omaha High Low and so on. When the Seven Card Stud High Low round is completed it goes back to Hold’em. HOSE poker is not for beginner players since winning HOSE poker strategy demands that the player is well rounded in four different types of poker. Similar version of H.O.S.E. is H.O.R.S.E., which includes the Razz poker element.

Playing H.O.S.E. naturally requires that players become skilled in all the rules and strategies of all four games that make up this variant, and is this game is played mostly by professional players for high stakes. This eliminates players who are only skilled in one poker game, and industry analysts consider those who go on to win mixed poker game such as H.O.S.E. or H.O.R.S.E. the true masters of poker.

H.O.S.E. Rotation
A H.O.S.E. game comprises players playing a specific number of poker hands from all four variants that make up this game. Alternatively, and depending on the location, the game could comprise a certain time frame for each of the four variants. These rules are determined by the house, however the specific rules for each form of poker are followed exclusively.

As an example, a H.O.S.E. game may comprise eight hands of Texas Hold’em, followed by eight hands of Omaha, etc., OR the game may comprise half an hour of Texas Hold’em, followed by half an hour of Omaha, and so forth.

Rotation takes place in the order of the acronym, i.e. First Texas Hold’em, followed by Omaha, then Seven Card Stud and finally Eight or Better.

The rules of H.O.S.E. incorporate the rules of all four poker variants that make up this game.

Basic H.O.S.E. Poker Tips

The most basic H.O.S.E. poker tip is that a beginner should stay away from this type of poker game. H.O.S.E. includes four kinds of poker and these are Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud and Eight or Better. You will only be able to enjoy winning H.O.S.E. poker games if you know the ins and outs of each of its parts. Even if you are pretty good at these games you need to consider the speed of the rotation in H.O.S.E. poker. This game can get very fast paced so a crucial strategy for success is to be able to handle the stress of the speed calmly.

The Best H.O.S.E. Poker Strategies

In H.O.S.E. poker you will meet very experienced players and therefore you should also try to get advice and tips for winning H.O.S.E. poker from the pros only. Once you start playing the game you might realize that you have questions that only came up as you got into it. At this point the chat room can be a great help. Ask other players questions but keep in mind that they answer from their level and interest in the game. Make sure to take notes (if you can) and try to handle any queries you might have after the game in a more general forum.

If you can find software or a poker site that will let you practice H.O.S.E. poker for free without the pressure of the opponents and the fear of losing money this is to be recommended. This could help you understand how the rotations work. If you feel ready for a fast paced game then pick H.O.S.E. poker with Hand Rotation. For a slower and more set tempo you should go for the games with Time Rotation where each round is set to a certain amount of minutes. If you have a solid bankroll you should go for rotation by blinds which mean that the game switches as soon as the blind goes up.

Implementing H.O.S.E. poker Strategy in a Game

When you finally feel ready to play H.O.S.E. poker for real against the very good players you should make it a habit to keep an eye on your opponents. Try to see if there are patterns to their actions. Who is bluffing and when? Just like you need to ask yourself these questions you should be aware of your opponents doing the same. Try to keep your approach varied and unpredictable. This should never be at the expense of the game. You are not looking to be the mystery man but rather the guy who emerges the winner of H.O.S.E. poker.

When you switch between modes you should make sure that you have the means to back this up with. Aggressive play is necessary sometimes but don’t start making bets that will give you a hard time back home. Good H.O.S.E. poker strategy includes having a good time which doesn’t always depend on a winning game. Learn from your mistakes instead of eating yourself up over them. Remember that they will only make you a better H.O.S.E. poker player which will let you win in the long run.

H.O.S.E. is an excellent way for players to develop an expertise in several exciting poker variants and eventually try these skills in high limit, professional games. H.O.S.E, as well as other mixed poker variants such as H.O.R.S.E, allow players to break the monotony of playing one poker variant and deliver a fast-paced, challenging and extremely exciting option.

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