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Euro 2020 betting guide

Sunday, 6 June 2021

Euro 2020 starts on Friday, June 11, when Turkey will play Italy in the opening match. There is a lot of interest in a competition postponed by a year due to the coronavirus pandemic. 24 nations enter this competition fighting for the European title. There are a lot of challenges, with the current champion Portugal, the world champion France, the winners of previous editions Spain, Germany and Italy, all eager to claim the trophy again.

What we need to know about Euro 2020

The European Football Leadership Forum, UEFA, has given more time to Munich and other major European cities to decide whether fans will be admitted to the Euro 2020 games this summer amid the pandemic and health protection measures. The novelty of the situation affects the organizational conditions and creates additional problems.

The 15 contested editions of the European Championship were won by ten national teams: Germany and Spain have each won three titles, France has two titles, and the Soviet Union, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Netherlands, Denmark, Greece and Portugal have won one title each. So far, Spain is the only team to have won consecutive titles. It is the second most watched football tournament in the world after the FIFA World Cup. The Euro 2012 final was watched by about 300 million people.

The most recent championship, hosted by France in 2016, was won by Portugal, who defeated France 1-0 in the final at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis after extra time. The final had an average of 284 million spectators, the second most watched game in the history of European tournaments.

How do we prepare our bets for Euro 2020

From the very beginning we have to enjoy the football show but, at the same time, to have a betting plan that we must respect. We don’t have to bet on all the matches or run after odds that look great.

A plan involves choosing the games and types of bets we will place. It is good to keep in mind that many players come from very demanding leagues and can be tired. The situation of accidents and recoveries is also important. The performance on the field of a player who has been absent for the last 3 months may be different than expected.

The statements of the coaches, the comments of the sports analysts and any news regarding the participating teams have the role of forming some opinions that can confirm on the field. Postponing the competition by 1 year, but also the different way in which it will take place, can further benefit the teams that will be supported by the spectators.

Recent performance is a valuable indicator to consider, but we must not forget that teams can behave differently in such situations. This means that we can reduce the expectations of some games and take into account the possible mobilizations of lower ranked teams. There have been many situations in which outsider teams have had excellent evolutions.

If we look at the scorers of this competition we can find interesting betting suggestions. Michel Platini (9 goals), Christiano Ronaldo (9 goals), Alan Shearer (7 goals), Henry Thierry (6 goals), Zlatan Ibrahimović (6 goals), Patrick Kluivert (6 goals), Nuno Gomez (6 goals) and Ruud van Nistelrooy (6 goals) are the best scorers in the history of EURO. Of these, the Portuguese Ronaldo can become the best European scorer. It is enough to score one or two goals to remain unique at the top of the standings.

Another approach can be made by focusing on teams that are not considered favorites. In general, teams that performed well in qualifications and managed to beat the big European teams. Evolution without a hitch can be taken into account especially after a draw or a victory against better ranked opponents.

Regarding handicap games (Asian or European Handicap), even if it is difficult to estimate, we can take the weaker team to +1 or +1.5 (starting with a difference of 1 goal or 1.5 goals). Due to a value balance and collective ambition, teams such as Turkey, Wales, Poland, Sweden or Denmark can get at least 4 points in the group and this leads to new calculations.

It is good to have 3-4 favorite teams to win the championship, group or semifinal to bet on. To these bets will be added those made on their matches depending on the analyzes and calculations we do.

Euro 2020 betting plan

Here’s what an Euro 2020 betting plan might look like:

  1. 4 bets on winning teams – 10% of the budget
  2. 5 bets on teams that reach the semifinals – 10% of the budget
  3. 5 bets on teams that pass the group stage – 15% of the budget
  4. Matches selected for under 1.5 goals in the first half – 20% of the budget
  5. Selected matches for PsF X – 20% of the budget
  6. Outsider bets – 15% of the budget
  7. Live betting – 10% of the budget


European Championship 2020 groups

To the 20 qualified teams were added another 4, winners of the play-off matches. There were discussions about an unfair draw but they were considered speculative.

Group A: Turkey, Italy, Wales, Switzerland

Group B: Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Russia

Group C: Holland, Ukraine, Austria, Northern Macedonia

Group D: England, Croatia, Scotland, Czech Republic

Group E: Spain, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia

Group F: Hungary, Portugal, France, Germany


We invite you to bet responsibly and wish you to have as many green tickets as possible.

by Mircea Panait

Author: Editor

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