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Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Gamification is the process by which something that represents a routine is made more pleasant to human consumption by introducing that task into a game that offers us fun. Gambling gamification is the transformation of the game routine into something more special that involves attracting the player to a fun game such as winning bonus points or special prizes that come bundled with a competitive note. You compete against someone, but at the same time you have fun.


Online gambling gamification

Through various sociological and behavioral studies it has been established that people care more about their social status, prestige or reputation than money or prizes. In the studies conducted, the National Institute of Mental Health in the United States has found that it is more important for people to compete against each other than to receive a certain amount of money. It is more important for people to feel more skilled than others than to win cash prizes. Then this aspect was also speculated by the creators of gambling and later the idea was embraced by the online gambling operators who preferred to have such games in their portfolio. But the gamification is not only done in the game. You can also do this by creating a community on your site where you can make rankings/tops with the winnings of various players. Seeing yourself in the top of the ranking means more money for the operators because people like to come first and then they will play more. So, the interactivity between members of the same community is important because the purpose of fun in the human psychology is not just to make money (this is a common goal for everyone), the ultimate goal is to earn the biggest amounts and let others know. That’s why many sites rank with the earnings of their community members.

The adoption of gamification components can also be done to reward and stimulate a member. This is an essential tool in keeping them on the site. For example, a number of loyalty points that can be redeemed for free spins, cash rewards, and bonuses, access to otherwise restricted promotional offers once a specific level of loyalty has been reached and other preferential treatment initiatives are among the examples used by online gambling companies in their relationship with their customers.

In this way, operators treat users as they deserve, as people with different entertainment needs and concerns that have to be approached differently, finally understanding that people are motivated differently. Users of betting sites and online casinos are eager to promote their personal skills and level of social development, either by improving their gambling performance or by increasing their position in an online community. Gamification has been essential in this regard, as it can motivate a relatively large mass of players to consume more and thus generate more revenue for operators.

If e-sports has started to be successful worldwide it is for the simple fact that people not only wanted to know who is the best at a certain strategy or shooting game but also to bet on who they consider to be the best. By the time e-sports brought the gambling component into its community it had become a global phenomenon. The same thing must now be done in the opposite direction by online gambling operators, to bring gameplay elements into their games.

An advantage for this approach is that the young generation is trained from an early age by their family or by the society to have a higher sense of competitiveness than previous generations.

Another engine of online gambling is access to comic book heroes. Flagship figures, such as superheroes, are used in branding and game strategy. Gamification allows you to reach as a player another interesting dimension of fun, namely: to try to defeat a character in a comic book or movie magazine.

Casino & casino floors gamification

The retention degree of players who enjoy the slot machines in the casino floors is very important and is an important factor in making a profit for that landbased operator. A series of adventure-scented games in which players have a mission to accomplish while playing their favorite casino games is an asset to that casino or casino floor.

As with online and landbased players, they are attracted to gamification if they are offered rewards – Players are involved in a new community that rewards them with new levels of game with special features and rewards them with money, if the games offered have targets to be achieved – Customers have targets to be achieved, and if they reach them they are rewarded, if the games contain rankings – Rankings ensure the need for constant monitoring, which means that customers come back to track their performance compared to others, if asked for feedback – Constant interaction and continuous achievement of targets to reach a higher level is what makes some games more playable than others.


The benefits of gambling gamification

I think customers are no longer children and maybe we shouldn’t treat them like that anymore. Maybe 25-30 years ago they would have been happy to see that they have the highest score in Solitaire, Tetris or Pac-Man. But now players want to experiment, they want a place to show off their skills, a place where they can challenge each other in real time, or engage in discussions on game forums and share their experiences live with an audience of millions. Gamification is also linked to narcissism. If there were no public to show interest in this direction, then gamification might not be successful.

What is the future of gambling gamification?

Gamification has the potential to break the stigma of the existing casino, according to which players do not engage socially, because it is a private activity and they do not want to share their victories and losses.

Probably, as in the case of video game launches, and in the case of launching new games on devices or online gambling platforms, new games will be launched in streaming communities where players can express their opinion and have a real time conversation about the game.

Gamification gives players a reason to interact and challenge each other in massive multiplayer communities, and this needs to be speculated on by future operators. I think gambling operators will have to pay increasing attention to their own or independent chats and forums.

When operators will receive, from manufacturers, games that capitalize on this power of gamification, in order to allow players to gain significant recognition and status in relation to their achievements, then the clear and still not fully exploited opportunity will consist in gaining the loyalty of players to their favorite casinos.


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