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Florian Duță: “I started to fold, from time to time”

Thursday, 16 January 2020

We offer you an interview with Florian Duță, one of the best Romanian poker players in recent years. With this opportunity you will find interesting things about poker and those who practice it at a high professional level.

Florian Duță

You play poker in a professional manner. How much time do you allocate for this “job”?

If we take into account the study time, surely over 8h/day. As for the actual game, there are periods and periods. Throughout the WSOP, I had an average of 9-10h/day of play, but I also have weeks when I play online only 15-20h/week.

Can we live from poker?

Yes, but it’s not really easy nowadays.

There is a “rumor” in the industry that no money can be made from poker in Romania (at least in terms of live games), one of the reasons being that high-rollers have gone to richer countries. You agree with this assumption?

I do not know very well the live poker scene in Romania, having been moved for over 4 years. As far as I know, the rake is high and the daily entrance fee to the club/casino cannot be neglected too. These aspects reduce the profitability quite a lot.

What type of poker do you play more, online or live?

I’ve been playing a lot more live poker for about 2 years now and, until then, it probably was a balanced mix.

What do you think would be the main differences between live and online poker? But the similarities?

There is a rumor that in live poker it is harder to get opponents to call you, and regarding the online poker – it is harder to get folds. I agree with it. There are many similarities, poker is essentially the same, only the way you get information from/about opponents is different.

Can you say that during the last 4 years, since our last discussion, have you changed your playing style?

I started to fold, from time to time. 🙂

Has the game of poker, in general, changed lately? If so, can you tell us what these are changes?

More and more game study tools have developed, and this has led to many more high-level opponents. Unfortunately, the edge differences become more obvious, and this has removed much of the recreational players from online games, excepting the situation of major festivals (SCOOP, WCOOP, etc.).

Which is the most gratifying tournament of the last period?

Hard to choose, probably the Wynn win, a short distance from the WSOP-c 3rd place in Paris, which was the start of a heater that I hope will last another 10-15 years. 🙂

Got a WSOP Main Event ranking, are you satisfied with this performance? What did you need to achieve more?

I am very pleased with my performance in this tournament. I was hoping for more, but sometimes the cards are the ones that decide who stays and who leaves. From one point, flipping skills were those that were missing. 🙂

Who do you think is the best Romanian poker player right now?

Sorin Drăjneanu.

What would be the message you would like to convey to poker players at the beginning of the journey in this field?

Focus a lot on study/coaching. It is almost impossible nowadays to have excellent results in the medium/long term just by playing (trial and error).


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