Florian Duță: „Poker is constantly changing”

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Florian Duță is a name that appears more often on the list of money entries in the national and international tournaments. Ranked the 21st at the EPT Barcelona Main event last year, the Romanian poker player has the ability to “hit” a great outcome, but only time will show proove us right. We invite you to browse this interview with Florian, during which you will learn more about him and his passion for poker.

 Please let us know a few details about yourself, your age, civil status, occupation, the city you live in (a brief biography).

I am 30 years old, are originally from Curtea de Argeș, but over the past 11 years I have lived in Bucharest, until a few months ago, when I relocated temporarily in London. I have not yet decided whether I will stay here or return to Bucharest.

 Many people do not known well enough yet. Please tell us a few things about yourself and about your poker background.

I play poker for almost 4 years, I started with the live game, and at first I have also tried several sessions online, that didn’t turn out so great. I can still say that I’m a live poker player, although in the meantime I’ve gained some experienced with online games also, but not enough to say that this is my field of activity.

 What does the poker mean to you?

It is a hobby, a pleasure, but also a way of life sometimes.

 What types of poker do ou prefer playing, Texas Hold’em, Omaha or other types? Why?

I like almost all poker games, occasionally I play 8-game tournaments, but on smaller stakes. Those I know better and I play more are nevertheless, Texas Holdem and Omaha.

 Which do you enjoy more live or online poker? Do you prefer tournaments or cash games?

Live, and I prefer tournaments, because I am more experienced in thie area.

 Poker has become a great phenomenon in the world as well as in Romania, is there any difference between our country and the rest of the world?

Given that I have only seen a small part of the “rest of the world,” it’s hard for me to give a firm answer here. However, I believe that there is a difference in the public’s perception, but it is changing for the better in Romania too. And sometimes there is a difference in the level of frustration people show when they lose.

 What comments do you have regarding the future of Poker due to legislative changes (in Romania and in the world) as well as from the point of view of the field of players, which become more and more experienced?

I think Poker is constantly changing, but the interesting part is that in this game no strategy has only bad parts. So everyone will have their less or greater share, regardless of the general trends.

 Recently you came close to entering the final table at EPT Barcelona, an important tournament worldwide! What was lacking for a better ranking?

Perhaps it was a small lack of patience, and the favorable circumstances in the last day, that’s for sure. I was removed as a result of a right decision, betting my chips in a pretty good situation, so I have no regrets. Sometimes, after you make a decision, the short term good fortune is the one that dictates who stays and who goes home.

 In your opinion what were your strengths (advantages) at Barcelona? What did you do to take you competition by surprise?

I don’t think I’ve taken my competition by surprise at all, the level of play was very high and everyone knew what is there to know about poker. All you can do is to avoid making mistakes, to take advantage of favorable circumstances, and ideally to lose minimum during those at least unfavorable. I managed to do that on Day 2, in a meeting KK vs. AA, where I lost only 14 blinds from a stack of 120, against an opponent with a stack similar to mine.

 What should a poker player do in order to obtain important results on a constant basisi?

One should focus on making the correct decisions mathematically speaking, to disregard the short-term results, to be aggressive in a controlled manner and take advantage whenever the weakness of an opponent brings up an opportunity.

 Where in your plans for the future do you place poker?

It is quite important part of my plans.

 How much of your time does poker take each day?

Several of hours, and when I play in major tournaments, the game may reach up to 10-12 hours/day.

 Which is your favorite poker player and why? Of course, if there is such a thing.

I have never thought about it, I don’t think I have a favorite player. I do not spend much time viewing poker shows.

 What advice would you give to young people who want to start playing poker?

To treat it seriously and to try to improve their game by all possible means.

 Mai ai și alte pasiuni în afară de poker? Cum îți petreci timpul liber?

Do you have other hobbies besides poker? How do you spend your free time?

I love snooker, so I am playing it and watching it. I read quite a lot, I have a few TV series that I watch, and from time to time I go to a concert or to the theatre.

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