Loyal to the relationship with Get’s Bet

Friday, 19 July 2019

Claudiu Udrea is a young  entrepreneur who, together with Get’s Bet, has  succeeded in building a successful business in the field of sports betting.

We met at one of the halls in the North of the Bucharest and we found a beautiful hall, well arranged, not cluttered and equipped to highest standards so that you can enjoy the best gambling facilities the moment you step over its threshold.

The first impression Claudiu made on me was that he is a man that is sure of himself, of what he does and of the fact that he has a strong partner that supports him. He speaks very highly about his collaboration with Get’s Bet right from the off, a sign that things are going well from all points of view. I admire his enthusiasm and the grander of his future plans and I’m sure he’ll continue to be successful. For a young man of about 25-27 years, I find that he has an uncommon wisdom for his age and I think he knows what the responsibility of paying the multiple taxes, fees and salaries means. He talks bout Get’s Bet by merging the present with the future in a most harmonious manner:

“I’ve been collaborating with Get’s Bet for 3 years and opened 4 betting agencies with them. I’m very pleased with the collaboration, they helped me from the very beginning to get my business off the ground, they are very flexible and they have specialized departments for each activity that has to do with the franchise.

Get’s Bet

I didn’t know the field and I started learning gradually, doing some homework on the subject, I did a training course and now, I’ve gotten to the point of know quite a lot of things. I had to do this in order to familiarize myself with all the aspects of the field, to be ready to answer to various questions and to be better involved in this business.

The collaboration started off easily. I knew Get’s Bet’s reputation and I wanted to associate myself with them in this business. I contacted them, we met up, discussed and things went very smoothly… I was welcomed with open arms.

We have a very good betting offer, the clients are really satisfied with what they find in our agency. We have a large range of betting types.

I will continue to remain loyal to Get’s Bet and to open new betting halls in franchise with them, regardless if the field presents certain fluc­tuations.

All in all, I’m happy with my relationship with Get’s Bet and I believe they’re satisfied with what we succeeded in realizing together.”

The franchise partnership is becoming a solution that embraced by more and more gambling operators.
We encourage you to start up such a business, as well.


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