EZ MODULO™ delivers new players` experience

Monday, 14 May 2018

The machines have outstanding performance, giving excellent results


Admired for its modular design, Casino Technology‘s EZ MODULO™ series of slot machines are gaining the momentum on the Romanian market with multiple installations already made in many locations throughout the country.


Valentina Dobre, General Manager for Romania at Casino Technology commented: “We strive to deliver new players` experience and to provide excellent results for the operators, offering them a winning combination of exciting game content, housed in a modern and easy to maintain cabinet”.

Refined in every touch with modular design for easy conversion, EZ MODULO™ is a perfect partner for a gaming journey.  The machines have been especially designed with easy maintenance in mind. The machines are SAS 6.02 fully supported and provide TITO functionality. The EZ MODULO™ series of slot machines are easy to configure and the service mode is easy to handle with.

“Depending on operators needs, the series are offered in different configuration and could offer the convenience of a slant top or the elegance of an upright slot machine with three steps of regulated high of the stand”, Dobre commented.

The slot’s version with two 27” monitors and 22” attraction topper adds more fun and diversity on the floors at Game World Bucharest Mall, Game World City Park Mall Constanta, Bonus arcade in Brasov, El Dorado in Timisoara, Super Jackpot in Timisoara. Expected are multiple installations in many other locations in different cities.

The machines evoked interest by offering the customers an enjoyable adventure with the full HD game pack SPEED KING™, consisting of 40 most played titles from Casino Technology’s game library of over 500 titles. Amongst are the most preferred games as Wizard Blizzard™, Chili Fruits™ and many more, featuring high volatility as well as free games, which could be restarted.

Along with the efficient set of intriguing game maths, clever mix of already established and successful games and exclusive brand new titles, the SPEED KING™ guarantees maximum slot machine occupancy,  that makes the combination a must have asset for the casino and gaming floors.

Cristian Munteanu, Operational Manager at Casino Technology said: “The EZ MODULO™ slot machines have excellent technical characteristic and contemporary outlook. After installing them on the gaming floors, the machines proved to be successful, showing great results and were recognized by the players as a preferred choice to play on”.

EZ MODULO™ features a reliable construction and monitors are placed separately, not incorporated in the main body of the cabinet, thus prolonging the cabinets endurance and facilitating the maintenance.

“With EZ MODULO™ we have reliable and easy to maintain cabinet with attractive design that gets the players immediately on board”, commented Cristian Munteanu, Operational Manager at Casino Technology.

“Casino Technology’s portfolio of products was developed to deliver exciting experience to our clients. The EZ MODULO™ series of slot machines are providing meaningful innovation and diversity to the operators. We are dedicated to continue offering contemporary solutions for vast range of customers”, concluded Valentina Dobre General Manager for Romania at Casino Technology.


About Casino Technology: Casino Technology was founded in 1999. The company is a gaming equipment manufacturer with established positions in international markets and products compliant in more than 50 gaming jurisdictions.

Casino Technology is renowned for the rich portfolio of quality games, contemporary technological solutions and products made with inspiration for  satisfied players around the world.

For more information – casino-technology.com

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