Friday, 14 October 2016

Casino Inside magazine is preparing you a memorable 8th of December day with two events that have already become a tradition of our gambling industry: The ReUnion of Gambling Professionals and The Celebration of Romanian Gaming.

The location where we shall meet this time also is the Novotel Hotel, Paris Room.

The 5th Edition of the ReUnion of Gambling Professionals

Time: 10am – 16pm (with lunch break)

This year we decided to be more inside than usual with the themes that we will address at this business event, which covers all the issues of our gaming industry and we intend to address the following discussion panels:

  • Legislation and current issues of the Romanian gambling industry. Our special guest, already confirmed, Mrs. Odeta Nestor – President of ONJN, will make a detailed presentation of the activity of the institution she represents with all the figures and information you want to know. It is better to be in there in the room when Mrs. Odeta Nestor will present the synthesis of the annual activity of ONJN, because everything that the President of the Office shall communicate represent the knowledge base you can rely on when you prepare your business strategy for next year. Obviously, the section of questions and answers will not missing either, given that at our events many operators have expressed their concerns and they have always received a response from the authorities.
  • Increased efficiency for the Slots and AWP Operations. For this very important chapter we considered a more pragmatic approach, consisting in inviting the major manufacturers of devices that want to participate to a direct discussion regarding the operation of certain brands of devices. Our goal is to provide delegates participating in the event very useful and interesting information and data, which can be used in practice, by slot and AWP operators in Romania, regardless of whether they have a live casino, a gaming room or a betting agency with game machines. At the end of this panel you must be able to know how slot machines of different manufacturers perform better and under what conditions. That would be an achievement, will it not?
  • Monitoring and control by CMS (Casino Management System). Within the pages of our magazine you have found during the entire year most of the big names of this market segment. CMS solutions have reached a time when they helped the gambling market to rally to the rigors demanded by the state in terms of legislation, and now operators have reached a point when they migrate from one CMS provider to another in search of the most competitive and suitable product for their needs. The testing phase is about to end, now is the time to make the best decision in relation to this sector of your business. We will seek to bring to your attention those companies with solutions that can lead to operating efficiency. The competition is ruthless.
  • PR in gambling. Here is a theme for which we have tried to bring you one of the best specialists in Europe – John Carroll of Carroll Consulting. Established in 2008, the company based in Germany, managed to collect a rich portfolio of gambling companies, of which we mention: SUZOHAPP, DRGT, Apex, CPI and others. John Carroll has the expertise to provide the most interesting information in PR, tailored to the needs of the gambling companies. John studied at the University of Liverpool (BA) and the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (MSc) and he has established in Germany since 1994. Our PR specialist worked many years in business management, occupying top positions in companies, with responsibilities in coordinating and managing international sales and marketing.
  • Marketing in gambling. Of course, above all, we have searched for a specialist who knows our market very well and we haven’t looked for him too far, he is our friend and the friend of our magazine for many years: Andrei Frimescu – marketing & PR manager at Game World. His is known for his many years expertise in this field for, especially since Andrei occupied for a very long period of time the same important position, and then he became general manager at Casino Palace. We are confident that Andrei Frimescu will captivate the audience with his presentation.
  • Responsible Gaming and Social Responsibility. This panel is one that our magazine has highly promoted even from the beginning, and the collaboration with business and professional associations and Romanian Bookmakers and Romslot from the recent years have positioned this topic on top of the themes approached by our events. This time also, we will have a speaker with significant know-how that will communicate the latest news in the field. When we have more details we shall communicate them to you.

Finally we assure you that once we finalize the list of speakers and the structure of the event, we will inform you in that respect so that you may have a better overview of the complexity of the business event that we are offering to you at the end of this year.

The 3rd Edition of the Celebration of Romanian Gaming

Gala Dinner, Novotel Hotel, Paris Room

Time: 19.30pm – 23.00pm

The Gala celebration that we organize every year for our industry, will also benefit from a major shift this year, relating to the approach of highest quality entertainment. Who knows us well, also knows that we go the whole way and once we have undertook very high standards of professionalism, we return to raise them higher when we feel that we need to bring improvements to our products.

I cannot offer too many details now, but be assured that you will enjoy an unforgettable evening!

The awards offered by the Casino Inside magazine will not be missing, and they are otherwise highly expected, because your work from 2016 should be rewarded and appreciated.

Dear partners, we are together for almost 7 years, time during which we have accustomed you to original products and events, full of professionalism. We invite you to attend the CASINO INSIDE EVENTS and enjoy what we have achieved together during all this time. We are looking forward to welcome you!

-The Casino Inside Team

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