Euro Games Technologyhas settled new trends in the gambling industry during ICE 2019

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

The Euro Games Technology booth presented at ICE 2019 fascinated the audience in Europe, Asia, Africa, Central and South America with impressive product launches, hard to anticipate from visitors around the world.

The new performance standards have been immediately noticed by operators directly interested in the latest industry trends, as well as in the most innovative product and service development. Thus, EGT slots and gambling solutions display, as well as its subsidiaries EGT Multiplayer and EGT Interactive have impacted by their complex of innovation, high-end technologies, smart design and top-rated game content within the 1200 square meters, with over 260 gaming stations.

The new General Series slot machines have dazed the audience. Combining unmatched comfort with modern aesthetics, efficient Exciter III platform, innovative design, frameless monitors with impeccable visual quality, convenient keyboard with dynamic touch display, crystal clear stereo sound and easy maintenance, General Series has magnetized the audience and their favorite was G 32-32 VIP with two 32-inch high-resolution widescreen monitors, optional topper of the same size and multimedia chair with incorporated stereo speakers and control buttons for the sound volume and the main functions of the game.

Euro Games Technology

The new jackpot systems that have taken visitors to the ancient gods of Egypt – Ancient Spin and Sands Princess – have been perceived as an attraction at the EGT booth along with the dual-sided LED jackpot panels.

The public from Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, The Seychelles etc.) was also impressed by the new generation General Series range, especially the slant top models as G 27-32 and G 27-27, as well as by the Super Premier generation already well-known within the industry.

There have been 3 extremely busy days loaded with meetings and discussions for the EGT team around the world. In addition to the visible impact of EGT’s exposure, the visitors’ direct feedback has confirmed that new developments are widely approved by the industry’s most important operators and that the company’s growth line exceeds their expectations and satisfies their needs at the highest standards.

Innovation and diversity were also part of multiplayer solutions display, developed by EGT Multiplayer. The S32/55, the newest S-line product, has been highlighted by its elegance, impressive screen and variety of games. Customers from Romania, South Africa, Morocco, Nigeria, Germany, Greece, Georgia and Russia have also shown their curiosity on the T86 roulette table, which allows operators to connect up to 40 tables to a single roulette center – an innovative advantage which caused a particular interest in the product. The T86 is set to be installed in many casinos in the second half of this year.

Spider casino management system was greatly appreciated by guests for the wide range of instruments it offers to enable operators to tune their jackpots in the smallest detail. Newly developed modules contribute to the safest and most effective support for all operators, and the mainstream interest of the visitors has turned to the Player Tracking module, ready to be implemented in the gaming halls.

Euro Games Technology

EGT Interactive brought online the offline entertainment with the introduction of the new virtual roulette – a mutual project with EGT Multiplayer. Online games are ready to provide amusement in more and more online casinos. The year 2019 is an ambitious one for the company, as it is about to increase its market share in Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Denmark, Sweden and Latin America.

After all the previews and feedbacks received at the S4-330 booth during ICE 2019, EGT, EGT Multiplayer and EGT Interactive teams are ready for a more engaging and exciting year.

Visit for full details about EGT exposure to ICE 2019, along with captivating images.

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