With Mozzart Bet I think I’ll be able to open my dream agency too

Monday, 18 July 2022

Mozzart Bet has gained a lot of attention from punters lately by continuously investing in its own locations, as well as partnerships/franchise locations. I recently visited one of their agencies and loved it. Everything in the bet shop is designed for the good of the client, you can see it right from the doorstep. I like the way they organized everything so much that I think I will open my own agency in partnership with them.

The Mozzart Bet employee

I found the Mozzart Bet employee to be a pleasant and respectful person. I understood from him that he worked in this agency on Bd. Brâncoveanu for over 2 years, which is good for this area where employee retention is low and the flow of employees is high. It means that he is happy with his job and the benefits that the company offers him.

The atmosphere in the Mozzart Bet agency

The place seemed quite generous for a neighborhood agency, clean, with well-maintained gaming equipment. Everything seems to have its designed place and role in the functioning of the agency, nothing being accidental. I liked the ergonomic chairs and tables, the large TVs that allowed you to watch the games or lottery draws from any angle of the room, the ticketing materials were plentiful and in general I enjoyed the whole interior design. I took a seat somewhere in the back of the room and let my instincts work, and the whole combination that I found here gave me a good feeling and made me want to play. Now if I tell you that I played 100 RON on the slot machine and won double, you probably won’t believe me, but that’s what I planned to play/losing in the first place. I was lucky…

The whole agency was buzzing (and it was only lunch time. I understand that it can get quite crowded in the evenings and everyone is looking forward to the resumption of the championships earlier this year as we prepare for the World Cup in Qatar in November.

Bettors love to play at Mozzart Bet

I grabbed a Pepsi (they have coffee and whatever other refreshments you crave) and socialized with the players there. We seemed to have known each other for ages as we quickly got talking and found out that people are loyal to the place. They like the odds here (we’ll talk about them later), the atmosphere, the fact that they have a place to watch football matches (especially) and the friendships they have made here over the years. They bet on lotteries and tennis matches, but Mozzart Bet’s betting offer is so rich that you can create the most complex tickets possible.

I was interested in the ticket of the day proposed by the operator which had increased odds from 12 to 15 for only 4 sport events played. Something to be appreciated!

The mix of slot machines present in the room fully satisfied me. I had lots of choices. I usually go for fruit games or “Egyptian” games, but I won on a roulette game on an Impera Novomatic slot.

From “slot machines” I went back to betting where I wanted to play lotteries. I like Greece Kino because I’ve been playing it for a long time, but I see that a new lottery has appeared – Spain Express with 20 numbers that you can play out of a maximum of 70. This gives the punter a statistically higher chance of winning.

If I were to start a new agency, I’d try Mozzart Bet

Mozzart Bet has recently launched an extensive campaign looking for franchise partners across the country. From what I’ve seen today I’d love to have my own agency, especially since I’m passionate about it and I’ve heard that there’s good money to be made from such a business. A friend of mine has a franchise agency and says it’s doing well, and I understand he’s contacted Mozzart Bet to open a new one in partnership with them. I’ve spotted a good space and want to give it a try. I’ve saved some money for the expenses I think I’m going to have. I’ve done my own calculations. What I like is that I will have a steady monthly income provided by the commission in the contract. In any business you need to go in well informed and understand the benefits as well as the risks. One thing that was stressing me out was the interior design. I admit I have no affinity for interior design, but I understood that Mozzart Bet was doing the job and I was reassured. People from the agency told me: “Customers don’t have to feel the difference between a Mozzart Bet owned location and a partner location”. That sounds like a great job.

Mozzart Bet

In any Mozzart Bet agency you get super great odds!

You can’t open a successful agency if your partner doesn’t have good odds. That’s why in the end, I would like to talk a bit about Mozzart Bet odds. It’s the bookmaker where you know you’ll find excellent odds on the final result and more. Whether through partner agencies (franchises) or their own locations, the standards at Mozzart Bet are high.

“I can say that we have the best odds compared to the Romanian market” said Flavius Cenușa, Mozzart Bet Development Manager in a recent interview with Casino Inside, and I can confirm this from over 5 years of actual gaming experience. On checked and solid arguments, the odds on the final result are excellent.

Just calculate the bookmaker’s margin and you will be delighted with the results. The house margin is calculated according to the following formula:

100/host win odds) + (100/draw odds) + (100/guest win odds) = M

M-100% = Bookmaker’s margin. The smaller the margin, the bigger your advantage! This means you can make a profit and rely on a game strategy. You also have access to valuable odds.

And the preparations for the World Cup in Qatar have already begun. The odds for the first matches are already listed and everything is in place.

Even though it’s still a few months before the start of the competition, you already have several advantages that we have identified for you:

  • You can study the types of bets listed, get used to them and make preliminary choices
  • You can bet and trade if you anticipate future changes in odds
  • You have a full table of the competition and can bet in advance
  • The Netherlands has attractive odds at @1.65 to beat Senegal, the odds for the Welsh to beat the USA at @3.05 are quite valuable, Poland have @1.65 to beat Saudi Arabia and Croatia @1.70 to beat Canada – these are the odds listed 5 months before the start of the competition. This can be a good opportunity for a dedicated punter.

I speak from experience

I hope this has been useful. This was my experience with Mozzart Bet. I spent some quality time in the Mozzart Bet universe and felt I could be a part of this community. I really don’t find it difficult at all.

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