Why M Planet has the best customer service among slot machines

Friday, 9 February 2024

Last year M Planet won the award for best customer service in landbased gaming operation in 2023 at the 9th edition of the Romanian Gaming Celebration – Casino Inside Gala Awards.

M Planet

M Planet – best client service

Why? Because their locations are the perfect combination of fun and responsibility. We spent some time last year in their locations and noticed how through service taken to the highest level and loyalty, customers of these venues learned what it means to have the best customer service.

In retail it’s all about the people on your team and how much leeway you give them to achieve their goals. Of course to do these things you have to listen to your customers and understand them, which isn’t easy, but it’s not hard either, you just have to get involved.

In this business, the entertainment business, people make the difference. If you have a competitive team then you can do quality customer service.

Customer service is done with good people

One of the important things about this business that provides fun, quality time that involves socializing with others is understanding the purpose you are there for as an employee. And at M Planet this has been understood throughout our 20 years of existence.

I recommend you cross the threshold of their halls to see what it means to be treated properly in a gaming hall. Of course, that’s all done with loyal employees who understand the nature of their work and company policy. The employee retention rate at M Planet is high, and not necessarily because they are well paid, but mainly because it is a pleasant working environment for them. I have been to all M Planet halls and everywhere I have been well received. It didn’t matter that I was walking through the door of any location for the first time, I was always greeted with a smile and friendliness. Maybe it’s surprising to some what I say, but look at Victor Firică, the founder and CEO of this business, he is the most jovial man I know, of a calm and a formidable candour. When you get involved in recruitment as he has and choose the right people who you feel truly represent your business, then you reap the rewards. Serving the customer is done with good people.

Organic growth is done with good customer service

M Planet wants to grow organically, expanding nationwide, relying more on the quality of service offered than the quantity of locations. I’ve noticed that this operator hasn’t closed a single location in recent years, and there have been enough challenges it’s had to face – pandemic, overnight fee increases, increased operating expenses, and so on.

M Planet isn’t the type to open several theatres in a short time and then close one by one of the locations that don’t work. That’s precisely why it has managed to retain and retain its employees. Most of them need stable employment. I know everyone in our industry complains about employees but often the company doesn’t do enough to actually mold them and teach them what to do. Yes, good people are hard to find, but most of the time they are right next to us, we just need to be more careful with this limited and certainly the most important resource in the company.

slot room

I think people choose us, not the other way around

“I think people choose us, not the other way around”, said Victor Firică in a piece published in our magazine. And he’s right! I felt the same way when I came into contact with their team members. I felt that they were there in the room as part of a natural choice in their lives, not that they were forced by some conjecture. To do quality customer service you have to be a person dedicated to that job. Basically you have to be prepared to meet and serve different types of people that you will interact with on a daily basis and get to know very well. Knowing your customer base I have found is very important at M Planet. Being familiar with customers but at the same time showing them due respect is a fine line, and the employees here know how to be both efficient, push boundaries and be liked by those around them.

“Courage is what I appreciate most in my colleagues,” Victor Firică, founder and CEO of M Planet, once told me. Why, I asked. “Making decisions in life is probably the hardest thing in life because it involves a choice, and I appreciate most in my employees, besides their drive, integrity and dedication, the fact that they have the courage to do everything they can to make the players feel good in our halls,” Victor concluded.

Customer conclusion at M Planet

With a pleasant and friendly ambience, M Planet rooms have won the hearts of players especially for the atmosphere found here. It seems that the player of the future, more responsible, more discerning, more refined and more focused on having fun than winning, is starting to make an appearance in our slot halls if treated with respect and quality customer service. After all, we provide entertainment services, and that has to come first. Winnings are fleeting if you don’t invest your money wisely, but the memories, the good times last a lifetime, and for that I have M Planet to thank.

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