Why come to Casino Inside Events on 7 December 2023

Saturday, 25 November 2023

Why come to the Casino Inside Events on 7 December 2023? Here’s a question you know the answer to. Because it shows you care about the company you work for and the industry you work in. These are our industry’s traditional once-a-year events that have helped over the years to better connect business relationships within the market and better inform everyone involved in the industry of the legal framework within which they operate.

The most important event in the Romanian gambling industry, the ReUnion of Gambling Professionals, has reached its 11th edition and represents the main event dedicated to discussing issues and opportunities in our gambling industry.

Some facts to remember about Casino Inside 2023 events:

Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel, rooms A+B+C

Date: 7 December 2023

The 11th edition of the Gambling Professionals Reunion will have the following basic program:

09:00 – 10:00, Welcome Coffee

10:00 – 13:00, Part I

13:00 – 14:00, Lunch

14:00 – 16:00, Part Two



The Romanian Gaming Celebration – Casino Inside Gala Awards, 9th edition, will have the following program:

19:00 – 19:30, Welcome Drinks

19:30 – 20:00, Opening of the Event

20:00 – 21:50, Awards, Music and Dance

21:50 – 22:00, Closing Ceremony



Why come to the 11th ReUnion of Gambling Professionals (RGP)

This year it is all the more important to attend because last-minute legislative changes will rewrite the gambling market in our country. Higher tax rates, higher guarantees, restrictions of all kinds have turned our industry into a place of chaos and uncertainty. That’s why we invite you to come to RPG 11 to find out what you can do with your business. We help you answer the questions: do I go ahead with this business or do I quit? Am I ready to continue in this business? Can I afford the fees? Can I partner with other businesses? And so on…

This year the National Gambling Office will be represented by the new President of the National Gambling Office, Mr Gheorghe Gabriel Gheorghe and Mihail-Silviu Pocora, Vice President of the National Gambling Office, who will give a retrospective and a presentation of the situation of the gambling industry in Romania in 2023. The management of the ONJN will answer your questions and will try to clear up most of your doubts about the legislative, regulatory and control side of the institution..

Another reason to come to Reunion of Gambling Professionals 11 is the discussion about the growing importance of the online gambling industry. To learn more about this topic we invited Ms Odeta Nestor, President of the Association of Remote Gambling Organisers (ARGO) to present the panel called “Legislative challenges for the online gambling industry“. Basically Ms. Nestor will give you an analysis of the new legislative regulations and how they impact this part of the industry. You will also find out what AOJND will do to defend the interests of its members.

One of the most important panels is the legislative one and is supported by the event’s Legal PartnersSimion & Baciu SCA. Lawyers Ana-Maria Baciu and Cosmina Simion will propose for debate topics concerning the new legislative changes and their implications on the proper functioning of the gambling market, as the black market is around the corner and is starting to take off, after the authorities have combined in an unsustainable way the legislative changes – without impact studies and without serious consultation of those in the industry – with the surcharge, the second in almost 1 year. Amongst other things, they will discuss the new features of GEO 82/2023 and how companies will be able to form associations to cope with the new levels of guarantees and charges.

Geanina Oprița, Senior Compliance Office at Kaizen Gaming, will provide the legal analysis.

Let’s not forget the landbased companies and how they will try to prepare for the rules to be implemented so that the changes affecting companies operating on the street can still operate in compliance with the new regulations imposed by the government.

The panel “Land-based gambling under pressure from overcharging and legislative tightening“, plus “What does it mean for operators to complete the transitional deadlines on new technical rules”, are important enough opportunities to discuss the difficult situation traditional gambling operators have found themselves in. So far confirmed speaker Cristian Pascu, AOPJNR Executive President and Doru Gheorghiu, consultant Exprogame..

The Gambling Tax Panel will feature Mr. Daniel Grigore, Tax Director, Deloitte Romania and will focus on 3 points of interest:

  1. Minimum turnover tax in the gambling industry;2.
  2. The fiscal dimension of OUG 82;3.
  3. Taxation of IT professionals in the gambling industry.

Solutions regarding the use of alternative methods for the establishment of guarantees for gambling operators is the name of the panel that Mrs Cristina Bădoi (consultant) will hold during our event to present a solution that operators could use in the next period in the thorny issue of “guarantees”. If this solution will be accepted by the authorities, it could be a way for the market to solve one of the biggest problems at the moment, namely the blocking of large amounts of money in state accounts as a guarantee, as required in the new legislation adopted in GEO 82/2023.

The Taxation panel will have an addition on VAT and Transfer Pricing. This topic will be presented by a representative of the prestigious law firm Tucă, Zbârcea and Associates.

One of the things that our industry should improve in recent years would be the image we have among society and politicians. Unfortunately we have a bad image. In order to revitalise this area and to find new optics that we think should be addressed in the future we think we should consider a paradigm shift that should be carried out in our mindset and in our way of communicating and thinking so that in the immediate future we have the image we deserve. For this reason we invited Mr. Codrin Scutaru, CEO at Public Affairs Solutions to speak to us in the panel “Lobby and the gaming industry”.

Another very important panel that we propose in this edition of RPG is “Protection of personal data and privacy in the current Romanian gambling legislation”. For this important topic we have sent an invitation to the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing (ANSPDCP) to send us a representative to talk about the changes that will take place from next year in the gambling industry in our country which will implement several measures regarding access to gambling halls through electronic identification and by creating databases of customers and self-excluded or undesirable. It would be of interest for participants to see from a legal point of view what benchmarks operators must take into account when implementing these measures for customer knowledge and player protection, bearing in mind that they will ask for more and more data that will possibly contradict certain GDPR rules. And what should players’ expectations be regarding this process. What they should know about the new measures soon to be implemented by casinos and gambling venues that will invade their privacy.

We all know that the European Commission has a free hand to implement the legislation it deems appropriate for each EU member country in terms of gambling legislation. However, there are certain legislative provisions which must be brought into line with European legislation, especially in terms of respecting the rights of all citizens throughout the European Union, not restricting economic activities on EU territory and many other things which the Romanian authorities should take into account when issuing laws, especially when they provide for restrictions or restrictions of all kinds for economic agents who should normally carry out their activities in compliance with European legislation valid throughout the EU. In order to clarify these issues, we invited Mr. Tudor Vidrean Căpușan, lawyer at the Arad Bar, assistant professor, Faculty of European Studies, UBB Cluj. The panel will be entitled “European legislation and its jurisprudence in the Romanian gambling industry”.

It is very important for you to participate in this year’s Reunion of Gambling Professionals as it shows your commitment to an area in which you work and need to stay informed.


 Why come to the Romanian Gaming Celebration – Casino Inside Gala Awards, 9th edition

As every year we offer a moment of celebration, Casino Inside Gala Awards. The awards offered by Casino Inside reflect the level of professionalism in our industry. Whether we are talking about individuals or companies, they all deserve our respect and appreciation. This event always brings together the industry’s leading companies, people and top brands at a high-calibre gala event to be honoured for the results of their work each year. Even though this year, 2023, has been a very challenging one we must continue to truly appreciate the beautiful moments we spend together within this industry. The show, the festive atmosphere, the beautiful moments where we socialize together make this event, every year, the most appreciated moment of celebration and recognition in the whole Romanian gambling industry.

Come and socialise, everyone knows how important it is to talk to someone in a more relaxed way, without constraints, with good music and a glass of champagne.

Come and be rewarded, we all know that a prestigious award confirms that your efforts have been appreciated and that the work you and your team have done is a success. An award from Casino Inside means recognition at the highest level from the most prestigious gambling magazine in Romania, and one of the most important in Europe.

Come and have fun, we will have live music and dancing, top gastronomy and selected drinks, and last but not least a festive atmosphere.

In conclusion, we thank you for your support, which you have been giving us for 14 years, and we look forward to seeing you at the Casino Inside events.

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