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Wednesday, 16 August 2023

Baseball offers events when football or other sports have competitive breaks. For some it is the “sport of the summer”. For others, it remains an exotic and accessible sport, very attractive when you don’t have many alternatives.


So, I’m not going to tell you about the sport itself, you’re supposed to know it. Or, that you have some knowledge and can develop it quickly by reading. Like any sport, it has its own peculiarities, advantages and disadvantages when it comes to betting. Some aspects are less important than others, but they make all the difference when it comes to winning.

What is certain is that baseball has a highly developed betting market, detailed and highly accurate statistics that are easily accessible, a large fan base and all the characteristics to give and confirm your confidence.

Apart from American baseball (especially MLB), you can find pretty attractive leagues in Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan. Some of these are notable for the times at which matches are played, especially around midday our time. In the US and Mexico, games are usually played between 8pm and 5am EST.

MLB odds and betting types

A quick glance at any betting offer gives you a first impression of the odds and the most important types of bets. Final result, handicap and under/over.

The same betting offer at another operator shows one of the peculiarities of this sport. Pitcher, a defensive player who throws the ball from a special place to the catcher to start each play. The aim is to throw out a hitter who is trying to hit the pitched ball or advance to first base.

Even though the general trend is to reduce the pitcher’s role in the betting offer and he is increasingly rare (listed in bets), his absence in the game leads to @1.00 odds for the final result.

The rule of thumb is that the punter should make sure he is aware of any relevant pitcher changes. The pitchers listed are for informational purposes only – it is the client’s responsibility to know who the starting pitcher will be. No pitcher (to start) named – team against team, regardless of pitcher used to start. The bets are valid.

mlb.com is the official website run by the premier organization in American baseball. Any disputes and disagreements are generally settled according to the body responsible for that league.

Tips, advice, adrenaline and statistics

Statistical quality is very important when betting on baseball. But their interpretation and inspiration are essential.

However, the most important aspect is responsible money management, a fun budget that you manage carefully. If you bet simply (on a win, money line), a stake of 1-2% of the game budget is best. If you are betting on multiple matches, you may want to consider reducing your stake as much as possible.

Avoid betting on clear favorites. The difference in value between teams in baseball is smaller than the odds show. In addition, the average odds in baseball are much closer and higher than in other sports.

Try to take advantage of lower-rated teams. Odds of @2.20 or @2.37 are worth taking, often without much hesitation. In baseball, even the worst teams have a winning percentage of 60-70 games per season.

Each team has 5 pitchers on staff. If one of them is valuable, he can make a decisive contribution to victory.

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